Gasan-dong's gourmet food is so light!

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Hello ~

It's been raining from the morning.

I think it rains very often this fall.

Do you often eat?

I see it very often, but recently I am on a diet.

I think I see more

If you look at the food when you're insulting, you'll feel surrogate satisfaction.

But since I wanted to eat chicken from a few days ago

I'm looking at a chicken eating room, but it's not about being satisfied

I wanted to eat more hahaha

I was worried and talked to my husband

I went to eat chicken together.

As I go out, I'm going to do the autumn clothes

I went to Gasan-dong restaurant to go shopping and eat!

After shopping, how much hunger is going on ~

If not, it's better if you eat something like this.

My sister-in-law's place I visited

Mario Outlet, Hyundai City Outlet, and W-MALL

I think it would be good if I stopped by and eat chicken, and it would be easy to find even if I came to this town for the first time.

We moved by car because the house is far away, but

Even if you use it, you can find it easily. You can walk down to Mario Outlet.

Walk in 6-7 minutes and get off at Digital Complex 5 minutes and arrive in 3 minutes.

Honestly, I thought about dieting before coming here, so I wanted to try not to eat it.

Here, the entire menu is cooked in the oven without frying!

Then why not go there again?

If you don't fry it

One-piece Izo well-being chicken dish that is also greasy and takes care of your diet!

When I first saw the company name, I wanted a chicken?

It was cute than I thought, because everyone was a crushed chicken.

Business hours were from 4pm to 3am every day.

They said that the last order will be received at 2:30.

It's open until late, so I think it would be great to work with friends after work.

I also thought it would be okay if I came for a dinner.

There are a lot of people who are looking for chicken in late and late hours

It's a good time for those people to eat, and it's a grilled chicken that's not conscience-stricken.

I thought it would be too good for a late night snack!

A large menu is welcoming from the entrance!

Fresh Ssam Chicken and BBQ Ssam Chicken

It is full of expectations that there will be a variety of menus!

In the original chicken house, I just eat this kind of seasoning, fried, soy sauce

This is an oven-roasted chicken, so the menu is also compared to fried chicken

It seemed to be more diverse and my expectations would rise.

I'm going to go inside and watch what I'm ordering with a lot of saliva from the outside.

When the male deacon looked at you and told you to come, he said, "I'm going to go to you."

There are so many alcoholic beverages and drinks that greet me at the first entrance!

There's nothing like working out stress like Chimac and Chissoe ~

Besides, the chicken scent from the first entrance

When I step inside, I start to feel much stronger, and I can't stand the desire of my teeth!

In the end, I can't stand it, and it's okay for a day today.

She said she was baking in the oven, and the soft flavor of the roasted chicken was inside.

I thought that the title of Gasan-dong restaurant wasn't attached

I started listening here.

The smell is so different, how can I not pass it?

Looking inside, the toilet is in the corner!

Don't let go, do you see the phrase mindline?

Do not be sad or angered, even if life under it deceives you.

If you endure it with Chimaek, a happy day will come ~

This poem is true even if the famous poet of Alexander Pushkin deceives you!

I'm not a person who is very interested in poetry,

Do you think of this as a sensation like this?

This is the entrance to the bathroom where the boss's senses stand out.

The inside was quite wide.

There were more tables than the typical chicken house.

Usually this is a store, but the store is more concerned

There are few tables in the store and the store itself is often dirty.

But it was quite neat whether you care about the inside of the store.

When there are 13 tables for 4 people and there are several,

I could use two tables and use it as a table for eight.

If you attach 3, you can complete a group seat from 12 to 15 people!

Group reservations are also available, so if you like the taste, those who live nearby

I think it would be perfect for a dinner

I tend to take the cleanliness of the restaurant wherever I go.

I thought it would be okay to keep it tidy and clean here.

The table and floor are clean, as if there was no dust at all.

And clean interior ~

The interior color was also very trendy, so I liked it.

The dark tone of the ceiling and the gray tone of the wallpaper arrangement gave it a luxurious feel.

I'm also interested in interiors, so this is my first sight :)

Boys love first, before I sit down, Wi-Fi first!

The end of my data is different depending on whether the WiFi is on or off ~

Wi-Fi pops up all over the place in these days, but sometimes it goes.

You can see places where Wi-Fi is not installed.

In such a situation, it is difficult to take a picture with an application,

In addition, I uploaded an Instagram photo

It's uncomfortable because I can't do it on the spot.

So, as much as Wi-Fi is really essential, it has a name and password

I applied it as it was, and it popped well.

I sat down as soon as I didn't apply Wi-Fi.

I usually sit by the window in late hours, but it is still early.

Sunlight came in and sat down in the center.

A neat interior that looks right before you sit down! Can you see it?

Unlike the interior wallpaper, some were made of brick interiors.

This is the difference between the interior and the interior.

There was something good to look at and it seemed to have a luxurious feeling.

When I came to eat chicken at the chicken house, I was only looking at the interior,

The guys who didn't have any interest in the interior said that the atmosphere was good here.

Seated staff who bring menus

We did a lot of different things that we looked at this and that,

I kindly wait and respond, so I remember it.

When you go to eat delicious food and feel uncomfortable, you will spoil your mood.

The food is delicious, but there are a few places where the staff are unkind and don't want to go back.

I think the boss is good and the staff is friendly, so I think I will go twice or three times.

It feels good to be treated, but when you add something or call it

I hate that feeling that I notice even after paying.

In some places, press the bell to add it, and it will tick.

I don't have any employee training at all and I'm excited.

It's a personality that doesn't seem like it.

I would like to order the same kindly and keep mutual courtesy.

When you open the menu board, you can see the menus!

Isn't it all so delicious?

I wanted to do it so much that it was a waste to pass it one by one

Baked chicken platter using fried chicken, soy sauce, and seasoning without frying!

Next to it, the moist texture platter seemed to be a barbecue chicken set with Rosk chicken and flakes.

It is said that if you order a platter, you can order the tteokbokki, a soup made from sorry soup.

I'm sorry Potato really stimulated my curiosity ...

The ssam chicken platter on the right page is a representative menu.

My second visit here, my husband, said he ate this last time.

This is a Bossam concept, but it's baked in the oven

It was soft and chewy, so it was really delicious.

It is said that special sauces are also available here.

Ssammoorang and sesame leaves come out.

I thought I should try this next time.

But! The menu I aimed for today is the Basacan Chibi Party ~

Before I came here, I searched through the menus once

This is what sniped my taste like that.

Chibpan is a menu that must be love.

When I eat hamburgers, I only choose the types with patties that are chicken patties.

I was telling him to eat chicken, bread, and unconditionally sniper.

Besides, the price was also cheap, so I could make it feel better!

However, there are only a few people, and this is just beginning.

I decided to order this and that in order to taste various menus.

Looking at the next page, we also have Basakan chicken, and we were able to order seasoning, soy sauce, and polka dots with half and half menu.

The really good thing is that it's grilled chicken, so it's lighter and less caloric.

This menu is perfect for the trend these days, but I think it is a crispy grill without using oil.

On the next page, you can see Ssam Chicken White!

The names seem to have been well-established together.

This menu has a spicy taste and is said to be Mexican style wrapped in tortillas.

If you like tortillas, wrap the chicken to suit your taste

I think it would be really good to eat it with salad or sauce.

Looking at the next page, we also have barbecue ssam chicken, fresh ssam chicken, and padakpa chicken!

I can see all the menus I saw from the outside ~

I noticed a barbecue ssam chicken that was cooked twice with a special sauce.

It is said that vegetables and flying fish eggs are wrapped in sesame leaves, so it cannot be really tasty.

But for me on a diet, I decided with my male friend Fresh Chicken!

Let's eat this as soon as we see the explanation of fresh and healthy wrap wrapped in fresh vegetables and ssammu ~

It is said to be one of the main menus, so I wanted to try it.

The thing that stands out is that when you join us at the bottom, you have listed a good menu.

It was one of the highlights of the boss's menu sense.

Overall, the good sense is not one or two.

Once you have chosen this menu, let's move on to the flavor menu.

You can say that you have eaten at least one quesadilla to eat it properly!

They say it's a homemade sicilian-style pizza baked in the oven.

It's a menu that everyone would like to enjoy without being overwhelmed.

Bulgogi Chicken Quesadilla with Bulgogi Sauce and Chicken

Delicious sauce and mozzarella cheese

Since we have Sicilian Chicken Quesadilla, we chose Sicilian Chicken Quesadilla.

The real menu here is so diverse.

In addition to chicken, there were quesadillas, chicken feet, shit house, and chicken bulgogi.

In addition, the main dishes, such as scallions, tomato shrimp, cream shrimp, and fish cake soup, were great.

As soon as the real diet was over, I wanted to come and have a drink.

They only picked the menus that would be amazing if they were eaten with snacks.

In the mini menu, there are unfriable sausages and Hongdo to Shrimp, Nacho, etc.

There was also a menu that would be great to enjoy by adding lightly.

There was also a dry snack, so I thought it would be good to add it as a drink snack.

For a person who eats in many ways, the menu is filled with delightful mouth!

I wondered how you could prepare the menu well by type.

There are many menus that look delicious one by one, so I want to taste every bite ..!

하나를 붙들고 많이 먹는 게 아니라 이것 저것 맛보고 싶어하는 걸 식탐이라고 한다던데

I went to a restaurant in Gasan-dong, so it seemed like a big explosion.

In the drink menu, which includes alcohol and drinks.

It was so cute that I was told to drink first.

There is no liquor, and there are Hogarden, Chingtao and Heineken.

Chimac is true, but Chicol can't be ignored.

Even with non-alcoholic drinks, chicken is always the right answer ~

I started ordering with alcohol.

We ordered the Basacan Chipping Party, Sicilian Quesadilla and Fresh Ssam Chicken.

The order ends with a lot of expectations ~!

After ordering, they set the basic snack distance first.

I think I'm just giving you a snack to eat. Do you know this cookie?

It is the highest peak of sweet and salty.

It's salty on the outside and it has a salty taste in the mouth, and the sweets themselves are sweet ...

I think it's one of the delicious sweets whenever I eat it :)

I was trembling with my boyfriend until I ordered something.

Also take selfie time properly ~

The lighting was good, so the selfies came out well, so I could save a lot!

One of the representative menus we've been waiting for and waiting for is the Basakan Chibi Party!

Finally, when I came out, I just snapped a picture.

How to do this visual that looks really good

This bread, called hamburger bread, is also moderately baked and served,

Crispy menu with french fries and chicken is full!

You may not be able to see it in photos, but if you look at the menu that came out,

It was the best that it was really full of words.

First of all, the bread is really savory and delicious.

In general, it seemed to be more delicious than the bread that comes with a hamburger.

It was good to be baked inside, but the bread itself was delicious ..!

Chicken was so crispy that it was really amazing.

It's a grill that fits the recent trends, so it seems like it's a menu that doesn't have to worry about getting fat

Nonetheless, it was so crispy that it was fried, so I wondered if it was fried.

I think I named the name Basakan really well.

Vasakan is the best!

All of the menus I ate on this day were delicious, but I really liked this.

It could be a sniper thanks to my taste for a chicken patty hamburger.

It's a menu that was eaten by males.

If you put crispy chicken on bread and wrap it like a hamburger, it will taste amazing ~

It even has a salad so it can feel the same as a hamburger vegetable.

If you dip the basil sauce in chili sauce, this is the rice thief?

No, it's not rice, but this is the chicken thief ..!

It was a taste that the chicken would eat without knowing where it disappeared.

It is moist and chewy so that the juice inside the crispy taste

And if you dip it in a sauce that suits your taste, it adds to the taste of the sauce, making it a gold prize.

Do you know how it tastes like to keep eating and eating?

Besides, if you drink a glass of beer and eat it, there is no really delicious snack.

You can eat this alone, or eat vegetable sellers and chicken burgers in bread

You can feel the menus in various flavors.

Chimac is love. Who started it first?

If you know who you are, um ... I think I can yield chicken legs.

Tomatoes on salads!

It's a completely different taste from a salad you're forced to lose weight.

The sauce is also sauce, but is it because I ate it with the menus?

It was a feeling of doubling the sweetness and sourness by adding to the lightness.

Without a salad, I can't complete the bread!

The beginning of the perfection of the burger is the salad.

Put the salad on the bread as much as I want ~

Decompose mainly on lean meat ~

I put it on the salad for easy eating.

At this time, you can put as many sheep as you like, right?

I divided it into three chunks and put it on so it was easy to eat :)

After that, turn to the bar I want!

I covered the chili sauce because of the chili sauce.

The male steward used barbecue sauce to eat it.

I've been eating it, but it's just a sauce.

No matter what sauce you apply, it's delicious!

Drink a sip of beer and ask for a bite of a burger

It's like the stress that I've been receiving has been blown away.

It's not one or two things that are hard to do while working or in human relationships.

When I came to Gasan-dong restaurant,

I felt like it was all flying.

When I see the visual again, the saliva is full again.

Sooner or later I'm going to make a group reservation for a family gathering.

If you go here, you think the probability of revisiting is 99%.

Once you try it, it tastes like it keeps coming back.

You can't eat it because it's baked and guaranteed to taste light.

When ordering that you don't wear tempura, you can order it as a moist bread party!

Voila, this time Sicilian Quesadilla and Fresh Ssam Chicken ..!

I wanted to eat even if I was eating, but I want to eat it again.

Compared to the low price, it has a lot of quantity and plenty

Can you see the fullness of the statue?

I think it's really nice here.

Sicilian Quesadilla, which is really delicious after being baked in the oven!

The light salad on top and the cheese-filled quesadilla

It made the mouthwatering go right.

The yogurt that came with it, the similar sauce was really delicious

Personally, I thought that I wanted to purchase all of the sauces separately.

Take a piece and put it in a bowl

Vegetables, bacon, cheese and chicken filled with vegetables!

It seems that you have filled the ingredients with plenty.

I don't feel bored with vegetables and chicken filled with stomach and stomach.

Quesadilla itself was so crispy that it tasted good.

It's hot, so it's a little bit chilled so it tastes great.

The light and delicious chicken taste is the best.

Because the meat and sauce are so harmonious,

It tastes like everyone can enjoy it.

If you dip it in the sauce and eat it, it will continue to taste!

It's much better than just plain pizza.

Crispy baked Sicilian Quesadilla

The texture was good and it was the best alcoholic beverage.

Fresh savory chicken that everyone can taste!

This is the same format as the menu description.

It seems like a really interesting concept to say that you eat chicken and ssam!

It won't be popular if it doesn't work out properly.

No, it's so harmonious and delicious, it's a popular explosion, right?

It's so well cooked

As you can see, the flesh inside is moist

The soft texture and the light taste were the best!

I knew why people were looking for this place.

It's a taste that goes hand in hand while eating.

How did you bake it, and how can it feel good?

I think fried is the best and grilled chicken

Feeling less conscientious, haha

I thought it was to eat comfortably, and I visited it.

That's the moment when that thought completely changed on that day.

Wrap chicken and vegetables in ssam and wrap it with ssam ~

Dip the sauce and put it in a bite!

Please do not let anyone who does not know this taste

I can't. I should go back here in a few days.

Anyone who knows this taste can't stand the photo report!

If you just eat it, it tastes light and the taste of vegetables goes well with the crispy texture

Dipping it in sauce adds the flavor of the sauce,

How are the menus one by one

I wanted to make it harmoniously well.

Is it duck or chicken that I eat now?

To the meat that is not greasy,

It's soft and plain, so you can continue to eat it.

It was fresh and so good because it was wrapped in radish.

It is refreshing to eat various vegetables and radish wrapped together

It's also a solution to drinking snacks.

It was a chicken that raised a lot of satisfaction for various purposes.

It's a 200% real return doctor.

Anyone can be sniped to taste

It was a restaurant full of chicken.

I'm going to pull it in a few days and try it again.

There is a parking lot, and it is said that parking is possible on the side of the alley next to the store.

Can you visit us casually

We also ate and drink on this day, and came back to the house because we were acting deputy ^^

From fresh ssam chicken, which tastes great, it's Sicilian Quesadilla, Basacan Chibi Party

It was so delicious and happy.

There are many famous menus such as barbecue ssam chicken, barbecue hot chicken, barbecue spicy chicken, etc.

Others also come and taste special homemade foods from Gasan-dong restaurant Nunahole Chicken

I want you to recover and refresh your stress!

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