Phuket Ratcha Island Theracha Resort Part 2 Swimming pool, snorkeling, room service

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Phuket Ratcha Island

The Racha Resort

Day 2

The breakfast room way

The outdoor seating scene looked good.

Sunlight attack seems hard to bear

A room-digit

The Ratcha Resort


But also many kinds

The taste of fried rice and noodles

Ido, but I'm not

Anyway we

Bread anmeokgo

Egg dishes

Were bad

If there is a snack



Free Flow Champagne


The start of the morning for 3 days

Holic liked by the alcohol


The sea state gwaenchun handeut

In the resort

Next to the dive center

Bike and snorkel

The equipment went there to borrow

Resort service to the beach

Come to see the shuttle time

In the dry season, in front of Duracha Resort

Snorkeling is not possible at sea

Because of the waves, my vision is not secured at all

Shuttle service times and locations

Because it changes every day

Eat breakfast and check in advance

I think we can schedule the day

here is

Dive Center

Scuba diving

I thought

After doing it once in Maldives

It's not your taste

Pass this time because of stubborn party

Beach front

Bar appearance

In the afternoon, take a shuttle

To the nearby beach

I decided to go snorkeling.

In the morning

Referred to as playing in the pool

Sunny weather is perfect hadagado

Clouds Along Stuffed

The sea is a red flag

I couldn't go in

One or two

Let's start entering


Follow me

I have no choice

Flag map

Turn yellow

The user also pioneered

We also want to do this

Go by the sea

Swim in the waves

But on the first wave

In a hurry

Sunglass flying

On the second wave

Flying hair


I asked you to find it.

The party is also rolling like leaves.

The remaining island life

Untie your hair

My eyes are cold

Mind when ryeoteum

Teolrigo to wave

Take the shuttle

Go to the nearby beach

Snorkeling equipment and flippers

Free rental

Time limit

No deposit

On this day, the shuttle

ter bay with kon kare bay

It runs to two places


Snorkeling rise Goodyear ragilrae

ter bay is pass

Even from a distance

Than the first day

Definitely poor shopping

But I came with you

Japanese couples, Thai young people

Get off here

Ask the staff one more time

-Ah Yoo Shu? Concabay?

-Snorkeling? Yesseu yesseu

Shuttle is running again

Zoom down to us in the inlet cone kabeyi

Until the beach

5 minutes walk glitz

in the middle

Any resort

And one


by the way

No one is here


I don't like being crowded and crowded

Yes and again

I hate having no one

This heart


Rob've come to enter

From knee depth

The emergence of mass fish

by the way

Those white kids

I keep trying to reach my flesh

If you turn your head while swimming

There are kids in front of my nose

Going alone in the water

What you reach

Caesarea scary danma

After snorkeling

On time

Take the shuttle from the place gave back down

Come back to the resort

Play in the pool

The room

On this day

I said go to the restaurant restaurant and eat.

From the bathtub to the bubble

There was no power to go out

Eventually pick up the phone

A menu with a party

I don't like fish

I was bored

It was surprising

As for the menu selection,

Better than me

Supposed to be Seabeth

Light moist skin

Deep fried skin

Maekomham a suitable liver in pepper sauce


Three curry menu

This is usually

Wine list

Went on request

Resort name

I want white

Order a bottle of Trying

Easy to order

Room service menu

I did it

I can't see the letters because I attached it

like this

Racha Island is also the end of Day 2

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