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It is a pleasure for me to participate in the Food of the World community and to be able to share with you some anecdotes and experiences lived during my trip to Buenos Aires, especially in relation to the culinary customs of this beautiful River Plate country.

My trip to Argentina turned out to be a very entertaining adventure because I was not only traveling with a group of friends of the soul but also with my dear mother. Each day of our itinerary promised endless unforgettable experiences. At lunch we were able to taste some typical dishes of local gastronomy, I will tell you a little about them based on my experience.

The most emblematic dish of Argentine cuisine is grilled meat, also known as asado. This consists of various cuts of beef mainly cooked on the grill. Depending on the taste of each diner, the meat can be ordered well cooked or halfway, the truth is that it is a delight, the meat is juicy and very well seasoned, as only experts can prepare it.

I had the opportunity to eat grilled meat on several occasions and in different restaurants and each time I was very satisfied with the quality of the dishes. Generally the roast is served with salads and sauteed potatoes, and if you want to enjoy the food to the fullest I recommend accompanying it with a refreshing beer.

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Another common dish in Argentine cuisine is pizza. We could say that pizza is very common in many parts of the world, however the strong Italian influence in Argentina makes this dish is considered part of the country's gastronomic heritage.

I remember that when we visited Puerto Madero we went to a restaurant located in front of the Sarmiento Museum Ship and ordered a pizza with peppers, ham and olives that was delicious. We had a great time there and the atmosphere was second to none.

While we were completing the itinerary of visits to Buenos Aires, we always took time to rest and relax with a coffee or a Mate while we recovered our strength to continue knowing this extraordinary city. I hope to return there and relive so many beautiful moments.

Photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS camera

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