Venezuelan fish cake.

It is no secret to anyone that each country has different ways of living and of course different types of food that identify them, it is a reality that we all love. Venezuela is a country that received many immigrants and that is why its gastronomy is very varied.

The most popular dish is the arepa, a kind of roasted circular shape of corn dough that is eaten filled with other foods such: as cheese, ham, egg, sausage, chicken, fish, etc.. Other well-known dishes are also the Creole pavilion, the Hallaca, the Sancocho, the grilled meat, the black roast, the tripe, shrimp, fried fish, the cachapa and the chicken on the coals.

The eastern part of the country is characterized by having a variety of tourist sites (beaches, hotels, rivers, spas, etc.) to rest and enjoy. Its gastronomy is based on fishing activity, that's why the high consumption of fish and seafood.

Here I will show you a delicious traditional food from the eastern part of the country, Fish cake.


It is a dish made in layers, that is, a layer of fried potato and a fish, then aubergine and fish, banana and fish, finally a shaken hollow and cheese are added.


If you want to know a little more about this recipe, here is my link:


Wonderful recipe especially for sea food lovers like me. Seems to be yummy! Need to try it.

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Do you have a recipe for...flamingo?