Mom made me learn hyderabadi irani chai this Quarantine

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I learned Hyderabadi Irani chai full recipe, as every hour my mom forces to make for her.
and I gonna share with you the exact recipe so that in case your mom gets angry with you, you better make up her Mood.

Ingredients for
Iranian Tea Recipe

Ingredients Amount
Whole milk 4 Cups
Khoya or Mawa 4 tbsp
Sugar as per taste
Tea Powder 2 tbsp

How much time it will take:

Preparation Time Boiling Time Total Time
15 Minutes 10 Minutes 25 Minutes

Make a decoction of tea powder by adding 3 cups of water into 2 tbsp of tea powder.

Cover the vessel to prevent escaping steam. Boil it for around 30 minutes. Finally, it should become a half cup of filtered decoction.

On another burner, boil 4 cups of whole milk till it is reduced to 1.5 cups.

Now add 4 tbsp of khoya or mawa.

Boil it till khoya mixes with the milk completely and makes it of a thick texture.

Stir it frequently so that it mixes with milk quickly.

Now add the half cup of filtered decoction to it thus making it the ultimate 2 cups of world-famous Hyderabadi Iranian Tea.

Using this Hyderabadi Iranian Tea recipe, serve hot and taste this unfathomable tea at ease at your own place now.

This nutty-flavored tea when served with the delicious oatmeal cookies, gives you the time of your life.

Such heaven to devour in one go.