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My Dear Friends,
This is @ariful1998 from 🇧🇩Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the people in this country are involved in agricultural work. In fact, agriculture is the main driving force of Bangladesh's economy. According to the 2018 Economic Survey, the contribution of the agricultural sector to GDP is 14.10 percent. The farmers of Bangladesh work tirelessly to cultivate and produce crops. Today I will show you some pictures of that scene of Bangladeshi farmers working in the field and tell you a little bit about that picture.

Farmers are cutting paddy


You can see in the picture that three farmers are cutting paddy from the paddy field. Boro season paddy harvesting starts in Bangladesh at this time i.e. in May. Now farmers in almost every region of Bangladesh are busy harvesting paddy during the boro season. This year has been a bumper harvest of Boro season rice.


Two farmers are threshing paddy


You can see in the picture that two farmers are threshing paddy in the threshing machine. After harvesting paddy from their paddy fields, these farmers are threshing paddy in the paddy field with the help of threshing machine, which makes their number of workers less.


the turn of the paddy straw


You can see in this picture that two farmers are turning a paddy straw. After harvesting the paddy from the paddy field, they are threshing the paddy in that paddy field and after drying the paddy straw, they are shifting the paddy straw in that paddy field.


Two farmers are going home with wheat in their heads


You can see in this picture that two farmers are returning home from the field with wheat in their heads. They will take the wheat home from the field and thresh it in a threshing machine. Ripe wheat is usually harvested in March-April in Bangladesh.


A farmer is loosening the soil in a sugarcane field


You can see in the picture that a farmer is looseing the soil of his sugarcane field with a spade. When the soil of the sugarcane field is loosened, the sugarcane plant becomes fresh and strong which results in the growth of the sugarcane plant.


A farmer is cutting grass


You can see in the picture a farmer cutting grass in the field. He is cutting this grass for his pet a goat. He will cut the grass and take it home and feed it to the goat.


A farmer is cutting wheat.


You can see in the picture that a farmer is harvesting wheat from his owner's land. He will take 700 rupees from his owner as wages for his labor in exchange for cutting the wheat of this wheat field.


A farmer is spraying pesticides on his paddy field


You can see in the picture that a farmer is spraying pesticides on his paddy field. This farmer paddy field has been attacked by Mazra insects , so he is spraying pesticides to kill those Mazra insects. Paddy plants are severely damaged when Mazra insects infest the paddy fields.


Thanks to all to reading my post.

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Nice pictures! I enjoyed your post:)

Thank you very much