My Village Photography || Vhobanigonj || 20 May,2021

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My Dear Friends,
This is @ariful1998 from 🇧🇩Bangladesh

Hello steemians friends, how are you? I Hope all is well in the infinite mercy of the Almighty Allah, the Most Merciful. I am also well by the grace of Allah. Today I will show you some pictures of my village and tell you a little bit about the pictures. I Hope everybody enjoys these picture.

Picture -1


You can see in the picture a person is cultivating the land with a power tiller. After cultivating the land with the power tiller, he tied the ladder with the power tiller and now he is leveling the land by standing on that ladder.

  • He took one hundred and fifty rupees per bigha to level the soil of the cultivated land.


Picture -2


You can see in this picture that some farmers are working in the field. These farmers are picking rice seedlings from the land. When their rice seedlings are finished in the yard, they will take them to another land and plant these rice seedlings.

  • These farmers take 400 rupees per day from their owners to do this work.


Picture -3


You can see in the picture a farmer lifting a bundle of wheat on the head of another farmer. After harvesting the wheat from the field, they are tying the wheat and taking it home. After taking it home, they will thresh it with a threshing machine.


Picture -4


You can see in the picture a farmer digging the soil of the land isle with a spade. When cultivating land with power tiller, it is not possible to cultivate well next to the land isle, so the soil next to the land isle has to be cut so that it can be cultivated well.


Picture -5


You can see in the picture a man walking with a bundle of rice straw on his head. He is taking the paddy straw home after drying it from the field. This person bought these paddy straw from a farmer for 2000 rupees. He bought these paddy hay to feed his cows.


Picture -6


The flower you see in the picture is a squid flower. From this flower will be the next squid. It is very nice to see the flowers in the squid.


Picture -7


You can see in the picture four masons building a house. This house is being built for the installation of shallow machines. In Bangladesh, if it is placed on the surface of the soil in the month of Chaitra, the machine cannot draw water from the ground. So to place the machine a few feet below the ground, the house has to be dug in this way to place the machine.


Picture -8


You can see in the picture three farmers are harvesting crops in the field. These farmers are picking lentils from the land. Due to favorable weather, lentils have bumper yields this year. This time the farmers are very happy with the good price of lentils.


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You have beautifully highlighted the work of farmers through the post. The post has been very nice.


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