Travel Blog || Trip to the Beach of Lucatan, Tarragona, Davao Oriental

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IMG_20200905_140816.jpgEnjoying the sea air.

Greetings The Steemit City Community! hope everyone is doing great.

Today, I will share to you the photos of me and my cousins after we attended my nephew's Aqiqah ( the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child's birth) at Sittio, Tagbanao, Baranggay Lucatan, Tarragona, Davao Oriental. I travelled to this place a day before the aqiqah. From Mati City to Tarragona, travel is about 1 hour and 45 minutes by tricycle.

First I will share to you my early morning shot by the sea shore. I woke up 5:00am and immediately went to the shore to watch the sunrise.

IMG_20200906_153606_487.jpgThe sea is so calm and peaceful, shot this with my Huawei Y9 2019 phone

Early morning shot after the sunrise

To witness the sunrise is one of my favorite part of the day. I had a cup of coffee that will keep me awake and gives me energy to do strolling at my cousin's and her husband's place.

IMG_20200905_064233.jpgAfter watching the sunrise, I helped my cousin preparing the food for the visitors and did get to capture the Aqiqah ceremony because we were busy serving.

IMG_20200905_120951.jpgAnd then chitchats with my other cousins at the seaside

Finally I and my cousins decided to take a stroll in their beautiful place. We went to the other side of the beach which is a private owned beach line.

IMG_20200905_131257.jpgThe entrance of the beach line. As we can see there is a barricade and notice not to enter the area if you are not authorized

So we asked the owner if we can stroll in their area and take pictures. And thankfully the owner allowed us to enter in their majestic place. Yay!!!

The view outside the owner's house while waiting for the go signal hehe

118821638_737630670129511_6290726752390927630_n.jpgSelfie with my nieces while still waiting

Photo Opportunity

IMG_20200905_132346.jpgThis is the view from above, we walked down and used the blocks.

IMG_20200905_132207.jpgThe beautiful weather that adds beauty to the beach.

IMG_20200905_132904.jpgThese are the cement blocks we used to be able to go down to the beach and enjoy the sand.

IMG_20200905_132948.jpgSo we made it here. It's so pretty. Wished I could copy this view.I am not sooo good at painting.😂


This place is fascinating. The sky was like a painting on a canvass that you can't help but to stare at could stare at it all day and could take away your negative thoughts. Nature is a relief indeed.

IMG_20200905_135701.jpgThere are big rock formations too at the beach and we tried to take photos with it.

IMG_20200905_135944.jpgHere's one of the pretty rock formations on that beach. Yeah, I did not care if I'm wearing a dress, it is a good spot for picture taking. 😂😂😂

118702446_346815406355960_4081472740083983679_n.jpgMy brother had it too.

FB_IMG_1619320724810.jpg* This is the biggest rock I have seen in my life.*

IMG_20200905_140149.jpgMy cousin checking the sea.

God made nature to brighten up our days. We just have to look at it We took many pictures in this painting-like-place that we can keep, not just on our phone memory but to ourselves too that we can share to our friends and loved ones.


IMG_20210425_114012_129.jpgGroup picture after taking many pictures with the nature

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog steemians! ☺️

All of these photos are taken through my mobile phone Huawei Y9 2019



Beautiful pictures.

Thank you 😊


A very beautiful place.Hope your trip was very enjoyable.

Yes it is very beautiful, we're glad the owner let us in. 😊