Weekly Challenge on Steem! Pet Art/Photography Contest - Week4 | May 10,2021

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Today is not my day. A total bad day for me. I experience a little dizziness and vomiting due to my fever. Spending my entire day at my bed without doing anything makes me more sick. Thankfully I have this cat who always on my side whenever she feels that I need a little comfort and a hug.


My cat namely snow is the one who makes my boring day into a special day because she accompany me in my worst nightmare. She follow me everywhere I go like a little nurse and If she can talk I know she would say that I’m always be by your side and I’ll take good care for you.


My mom needs to go to work and I left alone in the house with the food in the fridge and the medicine on my table. Maybe I get this disease when I get wet in the rain last night. I know I will be okay soon and able to fully charge my energy back to normal so I can go to work and finish everything.

Representing Philippines.




 3 months ago 

Your cat is so beautiful to look at. It's nice to see the cat. Thank you so much for participating in the contest.

Thank you so much sir.

Hermosa tu gata @cebufinest espero te recuperes pronto.Dios te bendiga y traiga sanidad.

Thank you ;)

 3 months ago 


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Thank you sir ;)

Que hermoso gato.! Me encantó sus ojos azul como el mar .! Dios bendiga a tu gatita nieve...

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