Closed: The Steemit City Promo-steem Contest-01 || Theme- Blue Sky || 12 Steem Prize

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Friends, you already know that there is a new plan for organizing contests through The Steemit City Community, where we have decided to hold two contests per week with a little change. So we will be organizing two contests per week with photography through The Steem City and promo-steem banner and the prize will be 24 Steem per week & 12 Steem per Contest.

I am really happy to be able to connect to promo-steem through The Steem City Community Contest and have the opportunity to keep users more effective in the community through contests.

Today I am announcing the theme of the first contest and inviting all users to participate. Let's be clear about the first contest-

Contest Type: Photography
Theme: Blue Sky
Duration: 72 Hours
Prize: 12 Steem

Follow the Rules:

• Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
• Title: The Steemit City Promo-steem Contest-01 || Theme- Blue Sky
• Write at least 100 words about your photography.
• Make sure to post your entry through the steemit city community.
• Invite your 3 active friends to participate in the contest.
• This contest is open for everyone.
• Must use tags #bluesky #myphotography #steemitcity and your country ( #bangladesh for me)
• Share Your Post on Twitter/Facebook/Others social sides.
• Share Your Entry Link through comment under this Post.
• Give your entry before or on 72 hours after the announcement.
• The Winner will be announced after 72 hours of the announcement.


Total 12 Steem in Prize Pool

1st place= 4 steem
2nd place= 3 steem
3rd place= 3 steem
4th place= 2 steem

Image by Ashish Bogawat from Pixabay & Camera Icon Image by mmi9 from Pixabay

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Gif Source- @stephenkendal

Thanks all.


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Entry Approved, Entry No 21

 3 months ago 

Many thanks!

 3 months ago 

@hmetu beautiful contest ❤️

Thank you so much.

We have the best story here @Team mediators. Read and be happy. You will enjoy it and that's why you need to vote for team mediators

Let your friends read and enjoy too

Hola amigos. Aquí mi entrada al concurso.

Compartida en Twitter


Entry Approved, Entry No 05

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest Listing #ContestAlerts

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 16th June 2021 – Win 1753+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

Thank you so much.


Me gusta que se esté haciendo concursos del cielo, esta es mi entrada al concurso @hmetu espero los próximos concursos con entusiasmo.

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 3 months ago 

Hello @hmetu thi is my Entry ❤️


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 3 months ago 


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Good life. Here is my entry link and screenshot of Facebook share. Huge thanks!


Entry Approved, Entry No 17

 3 months ago 

Huge thanks 😊!

Entry Approved, Entry No 20

Thank you for approving my entry. I also followed you on twitter.

Thanks for this contest. @hmetu
Here's my entry

Proof of share in other social media



Entry Approved, Entry No 22

Thank you very much! @hmetu

 3 months ago (edited)

Here is my link thank you

And here is a proof of my share on face book


Entry Approved, Entry No 30

Hola😊, por aquí mi entrada


Entry Approved, Entry No 31

Shared it on my facebook account.


Entry Approved, Entry No. 33

My sincere thanks to @hmetu for organizing this contest. Please find my entry for this contest below-

2018-10-04 10-41-27.JPG

I have shared my post in twitter. Below is the tweet link-


Entry Approved, Entry No 36

Good day all. Here is my entry to the contest;

And here is a proof of my entry on twitter;

Entry Approved, Entry No 38

Entry Approved, Entry No 41

Entry Approved, Entry No 43

Thank you so much.

Entry Approved, Entry No 44

@hmetu thank you so much. 😍

 3 months ago 

interesting contest

Thank you vhaiya