Weekly challenge on Steem! Couple Art/Photography Contest || 15 Steem in prize pool || Week #14 - Submissions post

in The Steemit City6 months ago

Hi friend, I specially welcome you to my blog. I am from Nigeria.
I also appreciate the host of this contest @msharif for his endless effort in this community.

Today I will be sharing with you the Pictures of my love and I. Though the pictures may look casual but I promise you will see the love in our eyes.
She is one of the best gift that God has blessed me with, sometimes I wonder if I can ever do without her.
She is light dark in complexion, slim and average in hight.
I am also dark and average, I guess that is a perfect match.

Enjoy the pictures of these two lover birds.



 6 months ago 

You guys are really beautiful. The post has been very nice. Try to give better quality pictures. Many good wishes for you.

Thanks alot.