In prayer for a beautiful day.

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Everyday flower blooms around the world but not in our life.

Everyday is a new beginning but now always we feel that way.

So I pray for a beautiful day, every day.


Just like this day, it was sunny, weather was nice. I pray for a beautiful day for the rest of my day.

Device: Xiaomi Note 7 pro
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Place: Rangpur - Bangladesh



Hi @iamjohn. Thanks for sharing with us.

Do you mind telling me what is the name of this beautiful flower? Seriously, Xiaomi can capture such nice picture.

Love from #malaysia

 2 months ago 

Pigeon wing / pea or clitoria; that's what it calls.
In Bangla, we call it Oporajita.
Thanks for asking.

Wow. I might need to ask my husband what it is called in our mother tongue. I only knew some like roses and hibiscus (Malaysian national flower) 🤣🤣