Happy Moments with Kids | Goofy pictures make kids comfortable and happy

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I @mr-greens is dressed with the Zebra long sleeve shirt.

I have lived my life in service to people and the planet and some of my most priceless moments are when i am with kids.
I founded @thgreeens in 2010 and since then, i have worked with over 10,000 children in schools and communities but in 2014, i had a special moment with these amazing kids at the MISSPA Orphanage in Mile 5 Nkwen.
Our project, Green Hope aimed at educating and engaging orphans and vulnerable children to become environmental stewards and during the implementation of the project, we spent a lot of priceless moments in nature being happy and goofy.

I like taking goofy pictures with kids and it makes them feel soo comfortable and happy.

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This is so touching. I salute you @mr-greens! May god bless you more. 💚

Thanks very much @lullettematz

You're welcome. Continue to make everyone happy! 👏👐👆

I really love the picture and very touching. God bless you

Thanks very much and I appreciate and promise to continue do do what I love the most, continue to work with you g people