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greetings my dear people of steemit city hope we are doing great today
Who says love is not a great and beautiful.Love itself is a language from the heart and spirit.Be it that love starts from a small affection then grows up rapidly, to tell the mystery on how love grows is very hard to tell ,but for what I know is that love is an affection of a male and female that starts from the heart.
Here is a photo of a couple In Cameroon that I took using my iPhone XR iOS device on their wedding day.I saw how the love themselves talking to each other and smiling given each other the best of themselves and making everyone jealous of them,at that time i myself I was jealous but I had to take the photos and start thinking on how I will fine my own couple gold’s .


Married is a union between a man and woman to an agreement between two family to give out their son or daughter that are in love to get happy for ever.Me am hoping to get married to the one I love

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Hermosos Dios bendiga su unión para toda la vida

muchas gracias realmente aprecio

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You guys are so much amazing.

@msharif Thanks so very much sir I really appreciate if everyone was able to appreciate like you did I think I will be mother joyful