The Diary Game Season 3 Better Life [ My Activity Today With Nephew] 17 July 2021

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Good night all steemit friends, how are you all,,,,,!! Hope you are all in good health always and continue to give the best.

On this occasion I made a post about my fun today with my sister who was playing with rabbits.


I accompanied my nephew who was playing with the rabbit, he looked very very and laughed out loud while holding the cute rabbit.

His cheerfulness makes me happy, because I can see my nephew smiling without crying.

I took some rabbits for him, so he can play and be entertained with these rabbits.

Actually to calm the hearts of children is easy, it's just that we understand it.


While sitting watching him play, then one rabbit ran to a cold corner, then he chased and caught him.

That's the kids. The important thing is that he likes to play with rabbits.

I looked at the rabbit hugging and kissing it. It was a habit for the children because he was very happy.

And I'm sure you've also seen children hugging and kissing their pets. Some kiss cats, some kiss dogs and many pets they love.


After he finished playing with the rabbit, I would take him back to the rabbit cage.

Here we have twelve cute and cuddly bunnies.

And I feed them, and the food I give is young kale, so that it is easier to eat and has good teeth for their health.



As for this rabbit that I caught, it looks unwell.

Because rabbits have a special digestive system, and are prone to problems such as diarrhea.

We as rabbit owners, I have to know how to treat a rabbit with diarrhea.

Because this disease most often occurs in any type of rabbit. Because the food is kale.

Rabbits with diarrhea can be seen from the shape and texture of their droppings, which are softer and lead to liquid with a slightly greenish color. Immediately take the first action to treat them.

I will give banana leaves and dried papaya leaves so that the diarrhea disappears and heals and some also give guava leaves.

Diarrhea in rabbits must be treated immediately and I must immediately give medicine to treat it.


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After I gave medicine to this rabbit and then I released it again to stay with his family.

This is all I can say about my activities with my nephew today and I hope you like it and continue to give the best.

Warm greetings from me @partner-macro and best wishes .

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