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RE: Farmer is Working - Photography Contest [The Steemit City]

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Receive a warm greeting. I want to congratulate the administrators and moderators of this excellent and prestigious page. @wo-photography @rex-sumom @msharif and @sm-shagor for the magnificent work they have been doing. When I joined this community we were barely. 1k subscribers And we called ourselves WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY and today we are The steemit city and we continue to grow every day. I am also very happy to have brought new subscribers and thus contribute to the growth of this great page and once again manifest my commitment to this community.
Receive a warm hug from Venezuela 🇻🇪Many blessings to all of you.

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 6 months ago 

Thank you for your so nice comment. We are inspired by such comments.

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@rex-sumon thank you for all the user support and for creating such a beautiful community. More than a community, we are already a great family. successes and blessings to all of you dear friends. once again I am proud to belong to The steemit City..

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Thank you