Tutorial post: How to do delegation? By @sabbirrr

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Hello Steemian friends, how are you all?Welcome to the world of photography community.We have already launched the Delegation Contest.If you delegate, you will be rewarded every week.
So today I will show you how to do delegation.Let's see how the delegation can be done.Here is the link you need to go to the delegation first.[click here]This page will come after clicking on this link.Then you need to click on the dashboard.


After clicking on the dashboard you can see the page below.From now on I click on the delegation option.Then click on the Delegate option.

After clicking on the Delegate option, you will see the following page. Enter wo-photography in box number three here.Then enter the amount of SP you will delegate in the box below.Then click OK.

After clicking OK, the following page will appear in front of you.Now you click on yes.

Then the following page will come in front of you. Here's what you need to give Active.

After giving the active key, you click OK.

Now you complete your delegation.You can win weekly rewards by delegation.

WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY Thank you all for being with the community.


 2 months ago 

I do everything as it should, but I got the following inscription:
Assert Exception:delta >= min_update: Steem Power increase is not enough of a difference. min_update: {"amount":"188756671","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

Your 100 SP delegation is complete.
Do you want more delegations?

Thank you

 2 months ago 

So everything went fine.

 2 months ago 

Thank you sooo much..
Thanks for your delegation

 2 months ago 

The delegation, apparently, does not come right away

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