MY DIARYGAME // HOW WELL I SPENT MY DAY TODAY 12/7/2021. BY @sirdeone10k

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My most greetings to all the steemit members. It is my pleasure to share with you how my day went today been monday. It was really wonderful.


Morning hour's
My night was really good, I slept very well the cool weather help me a lot. I woke up as early as 5:40am, said my prayers to God Almighty for keeping me alive and His marvelous blessings upon me, i also did a little exercise to keep my body fit. Thereafter, I took my bath, brushed my teeth and other needful things needed of me to do, then took my breakfast, dressed up and left to the office for the day activities.

On my way to the Office
On my way to the office for the day activities, I was hooked up by a little traffic. The traffic was caused by a man with a HYLANDER Jeep and a KEKE driver. The Keke man hit the hylander at the back thereby crashing the body of the car, then the man packed at the middle of the road came out and have a fight with the Keke man. This act leed to traffic I decided to come out and took a picture of the scene.I was at the traffic for about 45 minutes but it was later settled.


At the office
I reached the office at 9:48am because of the traffic and other things that lead to the delay of my movement.
In the office, I immediately engaged with my client work of a 6 Bedroom duplex. This drawing took me the whole day but at the end of the drawing, it was really beautiful.

building drawing

Lunch hour
While in the office, engaging with the drawing of my client, I received a call from my stomach that I need to take my lunch I couldn't resist it, so I went to a nearby restaurant and have my lunch garri and egusi soup.


Closing hour
After enjoying my lunch, I came back to the office and continue the 6 Bedroom duplex which I later finished around 5:55pm. Then at 6:25pm, l called it a day and left the office to the house to have a good rest.

Friends this is how my day went.
Thank you for reading do have a wonderful night.

Special regards to;


I love your pictures @sirdone10k, thank God you enjoyed your day

Thanks @ijelady you are among the best.

You really enjoyed yourself , can you pass the soup across to me🤣

@flint881 hahahaha I have already sent all of it to my stomach, but don't worry tomorrow you will join me.

Such a great day

Thank God you enjoyed it

Thank you dear @peculiarem

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