50 steem Giveaway for all of you.

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First of all, thank you all very much for being by the side of the community. In just 2 months, our community has surpassed 1,000 members. Today is a happy day. I would like to celebrate this happy day with all of you.

50 steem has been allocated for you. Everyone can get it. This is not a big gift. It's just courtesy. Hope you all enjoy it. I will send this gift to you in a short process.

What to do to get free STEEM: -

You must subscribe to the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community. Take a screenshot after subscribing. Then comment on that screenshot below this post.
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Special Note: - You must have at least 1 post in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community.

You can participate in this GIVEAWAY for up to 7 days. Last time to participate: - 5 April [6:00 PM UTC]

On April 6, 50 STEEMs will be distributed equally among all participants.


Cc:- @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal

 3 months ago 
I have been subscribed to this page for days, and I have already made my first participation in the contest carried out by @msharif, who I also congratulate and I can only say that it is one of the best pages here in the steemit community, great work is done by the administrator from this page @wo-photography to whom I owe a lot of respect and my sincere congratulations. Today we are 1005 subscribers, tomorrow there will be thousands of members of this community. I thank @curator01 @steemitblog for their collaboration and I can continue to give this page because it really deserves it. I take this opportunity to invite @willialba @eljeke @ruthmelendez @williany to subscribe to this beautiful page of photos, introduce himself and make his photographic work known. @wo-photography always has my support. greetings from Venezuela 🇻🇪


 3 months ago 

Thanks You for your wonderful word

I have subscribed to this great community days ago


When a friend introduces this platform to me 3 weeks ago, I started to look for some communities where I can share my posts and also where I can learn more and develop my skills about writing and photography. I added immediately this community and I have few posts and joined some contests. Thank you for this opportunity @wo-photograpy and happy 1k to us.Thanks also to @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @stephenkendal.
Steem on and keep safe steemians.

Good day to all and A big congratulations for the community. At first I was hesitant to join communities because I don't know how it works but choosing World of photography community is a great opportunity and being pinned with a Star makes me feel welcomed and overwhelmed. I love being here and hoping that the community will grow more with lot's of active subscribers supporting wach other. Thanks for the support and for appreciation.

 3 months ago 

congretulation for 1k subscriber.


Hello, a few days ago I joined this community because I found great photographic content, I will try to participate in a contest but for now I will share some of my photos.


I also just noticed that it appeared with a star right next to my name ☻


Excellent friend, congratulations on the 1k


I have participated in several dynamics although I still can't win any of them hahahahaha

Linda comunidad @wo-fotografia me complace pertenecer a esta familia, ya llevo tiempo que me hice miembro de esta comunidad, me agrada mucho las iniciativas y concurso que promueven de manera constante, incentivando a los miembros a estar día a día con ustedes. He participado en varios concurso donde he publicado cada vez que he tenido la oportunidad. Seguro seguire haciendolo porque me gusta lo que hacen, la naturalidad y me siento plena de pertenecer. Descubrir esta comunidad me hace sentir agradable. Gracias por apoyar a los usuarios. Saludos y éxito en todo lo que emprendan.


Muchas gracias @wo-photography hace un par de semanas me uní a ustedes y me encanta. Como había mencionado me encanta la fotografía pero no soy profesional para nada en ello. trato de hacer lo mejor posible por capturar hermosos momentos. De mi hermosa Venezuela les escribo y deseo siga creciendo la comunidad de #worldofphotography. Tengo varias participaciones con ustedes y sus concursos me gustan mucho. Con cariño deseo muchos éxitos💗🙏

2021-03-29 (9).png


I enjoy scrolling here and appreciating different skills of photography. Hope to see a lot more and learn as well. This community is so great as it gives opportunity for everyone to share their scenery of one's own country incuding their everyday living.

Happy Steeming!


Congratulations to the milestone you have reach. Keep it up and God bless..

Good morning @wo-photography, here is my proof that I been joining your community. Keep it up.


Well i have been a member of this great community for long now and i am pleased to be part of it.


thank you, hope you get this gift


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I was here from the past,
posting some photography of mine.
later i post again.
Thank You @wo-photography
my pleasure from @aricheta

#wo-photography #aricheta #music


here's my post link :

Thank you so much @wo-photography for creating this wonderful community. And I look forward to grow more in this lovely community.


Here's the link of my post in this wonderful community.


Keep safe always and be healthy!

I have subscribed to this great community days ago


excellent contest, what a great job to the community🙌🥳🥳


Congratulations and in no distance time God will take care of the bills He is mr.capable...men at work.


maravilloso mis amigos de #worldof-photography. anímense me encanta.

Hello @wo-photography this is my proof of subscription to @worldofphotography Community.
I had also participated in the latest contest on this Community.


Best regards

Congratulations World Of Photography

Screenshot_20210330-144427_Firefox Lite.jpg

Excellent initiative, you will always have my support and my participation in these contests.

Greetings @wo-photography. First of all, I want to thank you for the great opportunity that you give to all of us to present our photos, our art. Doesn't care if we are amateurs, pros or just fans of the photography, always e can count with the support of this community. It's a window to show our work. Thank you very much.
I have been suscribed since the same day open my #steemit account, January. And here's a Participation on the Children's happy moments Photography Contest #2 (23 days ago).



It's a very interesting celebration, i also have observed this community that it's achive 1000+ sbuscribers very soon.Best wishes for this community.


Hello, I am so happy to be part of this great community and I have participated in Farm animal photography contest iniciated by wo-photography. This is a very creative place that allows the subscribers to show their photos and imaginations. Thanks, indeed. Greetings from Venezuela, South America.

I've joined this great community for days now


congratulations. Thanks for your great community.



Very good idea. Thanks.

 3 months ago 

You must have at least 1 post in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community.

I've discoverd this community nearly ten days ago and i have already participate to a photo contest...i found this community valuable and with great content and i want to thank the admin of this community @wo-photography for the great work that provides

world of fotography.jpg

 3 months ago (edited)


This is one of my publications within the community



Greetings @wo-photography, this community looks very interesting. I already subscribed and I will follow you to participate with you.

a demás de garantizar mi suscripción garantizo mi aporte en cada una de sus actividades.


¡Ya estaba suscrita! pero anexo mi comprobante.


 3 months ago (edited)

congratulation for 1k subscribers. Greetings @wo-photography I already subscribed and always try to follow.
I also participate in photo contest in this community.


Hello Worldofphotography! Congratulations on this milestone!


Felicidades para todos los fotógrafos estrellas de esta hermosa comunidad, WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY aquí descubrí que me encanta la fotografía, espero sigamos creciendo.


Bendiciones 💞

I've joined this great community for days now


looking forward to have a wonderful journey in this community

Hola un gran saludo para esta especial comunidad donde me suscribí hace pocos días ya que soy bastante nueva en Steemit y donde hasta ahora solo he participado en el Concurso de fotografía de animales de granja de @wo-photography (en el que por cierto me divertí muchísimo fotografiando a unos lindos conejos) y donde en lo adelante estoy segura que interactuare y aprenderé muchísimas cosas ya que me parece una gran comunidad.

Saludos y un fuerte abrazo!!

Congratulation for 1000+ subscribers

I am really happy, I am a member of a community that grew so rapidly and it is my pleasure and Ernest prayer for the continous growth of the community.

Saludos @world of photography hace días me uní a ustedes y me gusta mucho la fotografía . Saludos desde Venezuela.
world of photografhy.jpg

 3 months ago (edited)

Im new to this community ☺️ hopefully I can join the contests here and update mg blog

 3 months ago 


Wow...congrats on reaching 1k subscribers...more subscribers coming.


Here is my screenshot


Congratulations, together we stand!

Hello World Of Photography,
just subscribed to your amazing community and made my first post already.
Wish you'll a great day



It really is my pleasure I am a member of the world of photography community. A community that grew so fast.

Joined a few months back I guess. Posted a post or two, although wasn't active very much. Here is my proof of subscription

Success to all of us

Congratulations On Having 1k Subscribers (Almost 1.1k already) Best Of Luck For 2k.



Firstly I Congratulate and appreciate the sponsors of this giveaway, to you sponsors, you have given love a meaning because I believe love is just a word until you give it a meaning. Thank you
I joined this community some days ago and it has been lively, I have been able to learn from different people in different locations that I haven't gone to especially from their post. I believe this community will grow more bigger than this.

Special thanks to @wo-photography, @curator01 @steemitblog and other administrators for for their hard in this community

I will like to congratulate you on this milestone of over 1000 subscribers, i joined about two weeks ago and have been posting and taking part in contests, i have really enjoyed this community.
And i pray for more increase
And thanks for the giveaway.



Good day to all. Congratulation to the community for the success in reaching far in Steemit. It has a great opportunity for me to be a part of the community. I was subscribe in this community last month. My first post in #worldofphotography was done last month when I join a contest. https://steemit.com/hive-155868/@liamnov/children-s-happy-moments-photography-contest-world-of-photography
Hope we have a long journey in this community. I would like to give my full support to the community. Again congratulations

 3 months ago 

My participations


Wow World of Photography Community is gaining a whole lot of subscribers every other day.

This is a good development.I hope the momentum would be sustained.


congratulations. Happy to be part of this community @wo-photography


 3 months ago 

Wow! It Look like christmas 😄🎄🎁 I like this.


And my last post, for now.


Congretulation for 1127 subscribers.

 3 months ago (edited)

I have been a member of this community for over two months and I am very happy to share my work here and to be a part of the world of photography


I am very happy to be a member of this community and hope that this community of photography world will become better and better

Excelente Comunidad, suscrita, espero poder disfrutar cada dia mas de esta maravilla



Esta es mi suscripción a esta comunidad



Hola amigos de @wo-fotografia aquí llegué yo 💁🏼‍♀️✔️

Mi participación en este concurso... Que maravilla me encanta la fotografía !

Mi participación en este concurso... Que maravilla me encanta la fotografía !

Hola, bendiciones. Estoy suscrita hace ya unos días ya he hecho publicaciones. Me parece una buena comunidad, además es una comunidad donde puedo mostrar mi talento en fotografía.


Hello brother @wo-photography . I'm from indonesia, Aceh. Iam join WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY Community 03 April 2021.

I wish this community success

Buenas tardes @wo-photography, ya me suscribí a esta comunidad. Estaré al pendiente de las futuras publicaciones y concursos.



Hello everyone, I am @ononiwujoel. I subscribed to this great community after it was introduced to me by a friend @smartcliff who formally introduced Steemit to me and I'm looking forward to my first challenge in @wo-photography. I'm very glad to be part of this community now.
Thanks everyone.

Bueno, soy nuevo en la comunidad me uni hace un par de días por mi amor a la fotografía (aunque no tenga con qué tomar foto siempre consigo la manera de capturar un momento hermoso) y me gusta mucho esta gran comunidad espero aprender muchos estilos de fotografía y admirar sus trabajos como he ido haciendo... Muchas gracias.


I subscribed to this community a few days ago and today I saw this contest, Hopefully this community can be the best.


Hello @wo-photography congratulations on 1K. I hope this community will progress and be successful, I hope win in this giveaway.


Me complace ser parte de esta linda cumunidad , me encanta la fotografía ❤