Create your top 10 photography albums.

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If you like photography, you must have a lot of pictures in your gallery. Choose the top 10 photos from all the photos in your gallery and create an informative album. Create a post mentioning the location with a description of each of your photos.

It will remain an album. We are going to see some great photography through this contest. You can share the photo used in a previous post in your new album.

Follow This Rules :

  • Resteem This post (MUST)

  • Post must be done in WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community.

  • One submission per person.

    Your post link must be posted in the comments here .(MUST)
  • Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

  • Please don't use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days. ( 28 April, 11:00 am -UTC)


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I have tried to enter this contest with the title : 10 Album Photography Contest From @wo-photography in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community :


Here is my post "Top 10 Photography Albums" in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community. Thanks You.

@wo-photography here is my
contest post entry
hope you would love it ♥️ and i have resteemed your post as well

It will be a great on here.

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@wo-photography i have delegated 20 sp according to my level .... Please verify it 🤗😇

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Thanks my friend

I'm leaving this comment with all my has been past 9 days since this contest "Share a picture of the reflection" started and 2 days since this contest has been finished and the results haven't been anounced yet.

On the same past contest "Share a picture of the reflection"
you hadn't send the prizes days after the contest have finished and i had to leave a comment to remind it

This isn't the best thing for me to keep asking for the obvious...I understand that different things can happen in one's daily life but since you seem to be active every day and update would be appreciated

When someone is asking support from currators like @steemitblog & @steemcurator01 for any kind of contest i think the least that he has to do is to be respectfull to the participants and the supporters

if you are in any kind of need and due to this avoiding distributing the prizes just mention it and i myself would give you an amount that i can afford of my future liquid gains

kind regards

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Thanks for saying. The results of that contest will be published tomorrow.

No prizes have been sent to the winners of any of the previous contests? We may be wrong. Tell me if you know that. We will correct.

Thank you for your reply @rex-sumon

i have only mentioned the contest which i have participated and my previous experience...i really don't know about other contests

don't want to blame anyone for things that i am not aware of

I already don't feel well puting myself in this position

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@wo-photography here is my entry
Link to my entry i hope you would love it ♥️ and i have resteemed your post as well.

Hola amiga, buen albums fotografico.suerte en el concurso.feliz noche.


Muchas gracias!!

Sr kindly review my post
Contest create your top 10 photography album @wo-photography
My Album

This is my participation, thank you

Mi participacion algo diferente al resto...

@wo-photography here is my entry.
Thank you for llowin me to share my entry. God Bless

Buenas noches amiga @luimer79, graciad por la invitación, ya pude entrar en el concurso, la señal esta pésima.feliz sueño.

Hi great Steemians

For the 10 photo album, here's my entry.

Thanks for the opportunity.

this is my entry ;
I hope you like it, thank you

Saya Telah Mengikuti Contes ini semoga saya terpilih berikut hasil postingan saya 10 album potret hari ini

Here's my entry.
Thanks for the contest idea! It felt great to go through some old memories. :)

This is my too 10 photography contest please @wo photograph

Here is my contest entry @wo-photography.

Thank you

Saludos a todos los de aqui estamos en el concurso y a su creador