Farmer is Working - Photography Contest [The Steemit City]

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Farmers are the real heroes of our society. Society is more beautiful for them. Today we have organized a contest to highlight the beauty of farmers.

Share pictures of farmers' activities anywhere in your neighborhood.

Follow This Rules :

  • Resteem This post (Not MUST)

  • Post must be done in The Steemit City community.

  • One submission per person.

    Your post link must be posted in the comments here .(MUST)
  • Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

  • Please don't use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days.


1st5 STEEM
2nd4 STEEM
3rd3 STEEM
4th2 STEEM
5th1 STEEM


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 5 months ago 

Receive a warm greeting. I want to congratulate the administrators and moderators of this excellent and prestigious page. @wo-photography @rex-sumom @msharif and @sm-shagor for the magnificent work they have been doing. When I joined this community we were barely. 1k subscribers And we called ourselves WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY and today we are The steemit city and we continue to grow every day. I am also very happy to have brought new subscribers and thus contribute to the growth of this great page and once again manifest my commitment to this community.
Receive a warm hug from Venezuela 🇻🇪Many blessings to all of you.

My Entry:


 5 months ago 

Thank you for your so nice comment. We are inspired by such comments.

 5 months ago 

@rex-sumon thank you for all the user support and for creating such a beautiful community. More than a community, we are already a great family. successes and blessings to all of you dear friends. once again I am proud to belong to The steemit City..

 5 months ago 

Thank you

Hey everyone, I hope you're doing great!

I'd like to participate in the contest:

Hello @wo-photography I really appreciate your effort in this community.
This is a link to my contest entry:

What is the specific closing date (and time) of this contest?

Hi Guys,

Hi @wo-photography

You seem to have my sauce. Your contests are always interesting.
Thanks for this one. You really got me in on this one.

Here is my entry for the contest.

I am certain you will love it.
Thank you.

Hello moderators @rex-summon @wo-photography etc
Please 🙏, here is link to my farmer photography contest, thanks

Hello everyone.
I hope you all doing incredible today :)

Here is my participation to the contest :

DSC00040 copy.jpg

Have a wonderful day!

Excelente concurso amigo @wo-photography, pronto estaré participando..Voy preparar mi entrada.feliz dia.

Buen concurso.

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