RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT:Children's happy moments Photography Contest

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Last week we launched a one-on-one photography contest from our community.The name of the contest was to share [Children's happy moments Photography Contest].The contest was great. We got a lot of contestants in this contest. Everyone’s photography was extremely beautiful. We selected ten winners from all the contestants. The names of the winners I have announced below.

prize pool

1st@zyf321link5 steem
2nd@arichetalink4 steem
3rd@mr-greenslink3 steem
4th@advokatelink2 steem
5th@marcelys1link1 steem
6th@lilia737link0.5 steem
7th@heriadilink0.5 steem
8th@rafaelcmonterolink0.5 steem
9th@gingfriendlink0.5 steem
10th@marchrainlink0.5 steem

Congratulations to all the winners on behalf of the our community.



Thank you

Thank you! I'm very happy! Congratulations to all the winners and participants!😊

Congratulations to all the winners
You guys are amazing

 2 months ago 

thanks for the nomination and mention. I love your page @wo-photography

This is simply amazing and a big shout-out to all the winners and participants.

Thank you very much for the prize!

Thank you!!! Happy to be one of the winners 😊

Congratulations all winners!