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I was a bit hesitant to join this contest because my partner and I are private people but I want to share a bit of our love story to dedicate this to him. @uwanderer this post is for you. 📸😘

FB_IMG_1576639801020.jpg Mt. Lumot, Gingoog City, Philippines 🇵🇭 2018 (The moment I met him, our first picture)

I first met him in the mossy forests of the mountain. It was a tribute climb for the passengers and crew of Cebu Pacific Flight 387 who crushed on that mountain. Every year on February, a tribute climb is organised by the group of climbers. It was on February, 2018 that I participated on that climb. He was with another group and so was I. While we're on the trail, he pass by us and converse lightly. That was the moment we took our first picture.

After that, we never saw each other again.


.... But after 7months, we saw each other on a social media. With the same passion and line of work, we were able to get along well.


Most of our dates are on the mountains, beach and falls. Our travels keep our bonds strong. We were happy then.

A year after I marry my travel buddy.

My lifetime partner, my husband and my best friend.

@uwanderer thank you for being a good husband and father to our little one. Thank you for always understanding me and my moods. 😁 I love you, always.

Photo details:

My travel buddy - photography
Camera used - iphone6 and gopro
Location - Mindanao, Philippines
Photographer - @yumaie28

Thank you @steemitblog @steemcurator01

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Lablab2x Kaayo mika Meowk and Piglet nako 😍😍😍😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

Super lablab papa pig. 😘

Such sweet story. May your love blossom forever and always. ❤️

Thank you for your wonderful and sweet wishes. 😊 Have a blessed day ahead.