Steem Plants Competition Week 7 - Small But Lovely

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Hello Steemit World. We welcome another week of the Steem Plants Competition hosted none other by the lovely @knopka145. Please know more about this by clicking the link here. Everyone is invited to join.

For this week 7 I am featuring a small plant this time (I featured a giant plant last week) which my wife has suddenly taken an interest in growing. They are called Succulents.



My wife says this succulent plant is called an Echeveria. I Googled to find out what type of Echeveria and apparently it is called an Echeveria Agavoides Jade Point according to the GardenTags Plant Encyclopedia. It is an oriental garden plant. A popular pot plant selection and appears in most succulent collections.

After my wife bought this a couple of weeks ago she took leaves from this plant because she found out this is one way of propagating succulents. The other is by stem cuttings. But I will get to that later. She placed the leaf cuttings on top of the soil of some of her spider plant pots and waited for it to take roots, which, honestly, I did not think will work. Here are some pics of these leaf cuttings nestled beside the young spider plants.




When I told my wife I wanted to feature her succulents in a post she was hesitant because she did not know whether she will be successful or not. She said to wait until the leaves have started to root. And guess what? They actually did


She even laid her leaf cuttings on a tray so I can take a photo of them.

But not all could make it. This leaf actually started to sprout roots but suddenly withered and died. She could not explain why.

These are 2 healthy leaves now placed in a different container.

As I said earlier the other way to propagate succulents is by stem cuttings. My wife also bought another succulent plant and took stem cuttings from it. She planted these in separate pots and here they are now after a couple of weeks.






You may be wondering where the mother plant is. Unfortunately my wife took too many stems from it and it died. A truly learning experience for her. She felt bad about the incident but now she knows better. Learning from mistakes is what makes everyone a better person. At least we have several healthy babies sprung from the mother plant. My wife could not remember the species of this succulent plant but upon searching using Google lens, I think this a Sedum clavatum, a succulent plant that grows in compact rosettes that elongate into long stems with time. I may be wrong. So please do correct me if I am.

We now have a small nursery of succulents. Not much to boast about for now. Hopefully they will grow, expand and become as beautiful as that of my friend @knopka145 who seems to have that magic touch when it comes to succulents.


I would like to thank also our sponsors @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemitblog @booming01 and @booming04 who have all generously supported this contest.

And that's it. All for now. Thank you for visiting. I hope you liked and enjoyed this post as much as I have preparing it. Stay safe everyone and may you all have an amazingly nature inspired weekend! Good luck to all participants.

(All photos are mine.)


hello! :) the first succulent from your post is called echeveria the black prince) succulents really readily reproduce with leaves (but not all) The fact that one leaf did not give children is not your wife's fault. This is nature, we are not subject to it!;) Perhaps it was the lowest leaf and it has already given a lot of nutrients to the plant, the most productive leaves from the middle of the rosette. The second plant is Graptosedum Francesco Baldi, it also reproduces well and grows quickly, so don't be upset about the loss of the cutting - the main thing is that you were able to keep the species!;)

 2 months ago 

Truly you are the Encyclopedia of Succulents. Thank you for identifying the species of our succulents. Now I won't feel so bad about losing the mother plant. There were 5 plants that are growing in her place. Hopefully they will survive.
Thank you for your counsel and advise. Hope you like the post.

Thank you for participating!;)