3 steem giveaway (steem exclusive )

in Stars3 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone here's a quick post I'm giving away 3 steem to one lucky commenter so if you want a chance of winning 3 steem just comment and resteem this post that's it I will also be liking all comments left on this post

kgakakillerg original content

kgakakillerg original content on

I have a community called stars and I giveaway a tipu curate upvote to one active star's community member daily

Join the star's community

kgakakillerg original content

My community called stars is a community that's open to everyone and all content is accepted as long as it's original

Once a lot more people start posting in the star's community I will be doing bigger and better giveaways and contest's

You can also delegate to the stars community account to receive daily upvotes for life the more you delegate the bigger the upvote you will receive the star's community is @hive-156383 if you delegate any amount to this account please comment on this post with the amount you delegated

kgakakillerg original content

Big thanks in advance to everyone who has taken part in any of my giveaways and a big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part in this giveaway and good luck everyone

the last winner @happyme congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thanks for reading and viewing this post @kgakakillerg

I'm also giving away SBI sponsors to active star's community members

 2 months ago 

Holiwirissssssssss!!! 😘😘😘😘😘 como están??? 😘😘

Hi 👋🏾 I will start doing the giveaways again very soon in the meantime feel free to post in the star's community

 2 months ago 

Oki!! 🤗😊


Good morning 🌞 have a sunny day

Thanks hope you enjoy your day today and good luck 🤞🏾

Fingercross 😃

 3 months ago 

I’m in

Thanks my friend 🤝 good luck 👍🏾⭐

 3 months ago 

Hola saludos @khakakillerg cuenta con mi apoyo saludos desde 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

Hi 🤚🏾 good luck 🤞🏾 and thanks for taking part @kgakakillerg

 3 months ago 

Thank-you! The 3 Steem is in my wallet already!
It wasn't all that long ago that it took me an entire week to earn just one steem.

No problems my pleasure 👍🏾 I know what you mean it is very hard to earn steem still that's why I'm doing these giveaways I like to give back

Good luck 🤞🏾

 3 months ago 

Count me in please.

Thanks for taking part good luck🤞🏾

 3 months ago 

Am I too late. I'm in anyway 😊 have a great day.

You are to late will be doing another giveaway today or tomorrow

 3 months ago 

No worries at all 😊


 3 months ago 

Have a great day ☺️

Thanks my friend 🤝 I hope that you have a wonderful day today and a great week ahead 👍🏾

 2 months ago 

Quiero participar @kgakakillerg, soy nueva en steemit y aqui en la comunidad Stars.

Thanks for joining the stars community I will start doing more giveaways in the next few weeks

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