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Hello everyone hope you are all good and well today it's been a long time since I done a giveaway so I'm giving away 3 steem to one lucky commenter so if you want a chance of winning 3 steem just comment and resteem this post that's it I will also be liking all comments if you are reading this right now you might as well take part it's a very easy giveaway and anyone could win

kgakakillerg original content

Here's how I will pick the winner I will write all entries names down on pieces of paper and put them into a hat give them a little shake around and pick out one name and that will be the winner
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I have a community called stars it's a community I created for everyone and all content is accepted as long as it's original that's all I ask I try my very best to support everyone who posts there and I giveaway a tipu curate upvote to one person everyday

If you are part of the star's community I just want to say thank you so much for being part of this

If you are not part of the stars community yet you can click the link and join

Join the star's community

kgakakillerg original content

kgakakillerg original content

Once a lot more people start posting in the star's community I will be doing bigger and better giveaways and contest's for all the active members

You can also delegate to the stars community account to receive daily upvotes for life the more you delegate the bigger the upvote you will receive the star's community is @hive-156383 if you delegate any amount to this account please comment on this post with the amount you delegated and as soon as possible I will add you to the upvote if you enjoyed this post a upvote follow resteem would be great

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We have reached 504 subscribers the star's community is growing fast I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has subscribed I really appreciate every single one of you and also a big thanks to everyone who is active in the star's community I hope that everyone who has subscribed start's posting soon

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Big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part and good luck also big thanks to everyone who has taken part in any of my previous giveaways

Thanks for reading and viewing this post @kgakakillerg 50% of the rewards from this post will be going to the official star's community account

kgakakillerg original content

 2 months ago 

Omg. It's been a very long while. I'm so sorry for that. Well, I'm not very active since a month ago, work has taken too much of my time. I guess I'm lucky that I still have a job. Some of us lost their job.

Let's shine together!

Hi sarahraudhah, I in no way-shape-or-form am a part of the leadership of this community, but it means a lot to me to see the stars community rise-and-shine so I wanted to say I really hope you post things here in Stars too whenever really but I really mainly wanted to hopefully-politely but-a-little-bit-longhand say "hi"

And oh also I read the words on your page or whatever-its-called but it talks about you and yours ends with "Fight!"

I really liked the whole thing

later, hopefully~

 2 months ago 

lol. Hi! Nice to meet you too.

I'm sorry, I was trying to post something but idk what happen, my browser acting all crazy each time I try to write something and won't let me do it. Frustrating. I've been rebooting my phone for 3x.

No problems 👍🏾 good to see you active again hopefully you start posting in the star's community soon and good luck 🤞🏾

Yo killerg bro I'm not usually one to send another man flowers but

I really have to tell you the full story someday, becuz it cracks me up every time I think about it

But don't even think about sending me 3 STEEM for this post either

But hey if you buy me a plane ticket make it a one-way one, ok? But I ain't a begging man whenever tenable, so if it needs to be a two-way one I understand. I'd get sick o' me too if e wasn't me. I certainly wouldn't want to live with another version of me. I'd have a friendly chit-chat with me-self at one of those rare-enough family gatherings and feel grateful when it was over kinda thing...

I knew you had the right spirit when I saw Star Pig

I'm finna go activate my Amazon account so I can air-mail you a few bowls worth of this fine flower using their between-nations services. Remind me when ye get a chance, and I'll send ye a link. I'll set the sale price to 0.00 £. You can send me a rain check on the shipping costs~


P.S. if either of us ever gets a castle we're going to have to have a whole hall dedicated to breaking bongs together and dignified-laborers-compensated-nicely-to-the-best-of-our-means, for the best in everyone involved, and these laborers would be dedicated to sweeping up the broken shards of former bongs and other laborers to fill the bongs with good water and pack em....and of course the laborers get to get high too and watch movies with us on a big-projector-on-the-wall with all that awesome glass everywhere... but only you and I get to break the bongs, except when we feel like giving them a chance........

Nice looking bud you should definitely make a post about it 👍🏾

Oh whoops I just made a post I was really lookin forward te...and maybe tomorrow on that flower power kinda post......

But knowing me it'll be gone by tomorrow, so I better get some more pictures now

Remind me

No problems 👍🏾 posting two posts in the star's community is more than welcome

Can't wait to see the post thanks for being a very active member of the star's community

Pretty sure you are five hours ahead of me, so at this point it's still more of a late night than an early morning for me. I'd be happy to post in Stars twice once in a while, and maybe on the other side of today for me. Hey in regards to your comment in that other recent comment you wrote me about me having a wonderful day -- I too wish you a wonderful day sir -- there's a movie review-kinda-thing I've been trying to write for two weeks and it's giving me quite the perplexion but I just haven't given up on the idea yet.... we'll see....

Yeah I'm definitely a few hours ahead great to see you post that in the star's community I got to go but we will speak again tomorrow thanks for staying active in the star's community much appreciated 🤝

 2 months ago 

I'm still here!

I really appreciate your post's thanks for staying active in the star's community much appreciated 🤝

 2 months ago 

I have so many topics I could write articles about and be so much more active, however, I'm finding it difficult just to keep up with the constant updating of my games. I still wish to learn how to automate one of my games and have it playable as a stand-alone blockchain game but just can't seem to find the extra time. If only there were 3 or 4 of me!

I hope that when you get the time you can post more stuff and also I hope that you can create a stand alone Blockchain game that would be great if I could help in any way just let me know

Do you know how to set up a bot for tipping and upvoting I'm really want to set one up these up

 2 months ago 

No, unfortunately, I'm totally ignorant of how these bots interact with the blockchain. I have a lot to learn still. I began some tutorials on using Unity to build games, but had to abandon those for real life projects that had to be dealt with first. One day I'll get back to the tutorials.

Me too I'm ignorant we that to I really need to find the time to start learning how to interact with the Blockchain and create some bots and games thanks for staying active in the star's community 🤝 hopefully one day we can meet up in person 👍🏾

I hope that you enjoy your day today and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend stay safe my friend 🤝

 last month 

We have been having cold, but rather pleasant (sunny) days recently with rain at night. This allowed me to investigate my and my neighbor's roofs. My neighbor definitely needs a new roof because there is a hole large enough to put my finger through over the soffit area. I patched that hole already and am getting quotes on material for re-roofing both roofs. It has been many years since I have been involved with re-roofing a house. I'm not so sure I'm still young enough to tackle such jobs, but I'm going to try if the price of materials only, warrants me doing the job myself. If I don't save enough, I may as well just contract the job out.

Thanks for the nice comments and I wish the very best for you as well.

Sounds like you have quite a lot on your hands my friend 🤝 thanks for the reply and thanks again for being a active member of the star's community much appreciated 🤝

 2 months ago 

I would love to join the community and post.
What type of content are you looking for?

You are more than welcome to post in the star's community all content is welcome as long as it's original if you do use any photos or writing that is not yours please provide links

 2 months ago 

Up-voted and re-steemed.

Thanks and good luck 🤞🏾

Dear friend kg

If you by-any-chance may have considered giving me the 3 Steem, please do not

I was just looking fer a way to get ahold o' yeh, and this was at the top of the list

Thank you very truly in the name of kindness for your remarks in regard to my health

If I could climb waterfalls I'd come visit you on your I'm-sure-it-must-be-beautiful Island in the Sky Somewhere

Never did save a penny for a plane ticket but I guess I could start tryna

P.S. I really do sincerely hope that my comment in regards to the all caps was not in any way-shape-or-form interpreted as a snide-stab-in-the-back

I experienced a flickering effect between the Ismg to the ISMG and back again before-I-knew-it

But not before I tried to thank ye fer it

I do love the title, so infinite thanks to ye fer it and -... +515 MYTH to ye too if it means anything to ye fer-no-reason

🤝always good to hear from ye bro🤙🤝

Ok I will not enter you into this if you want

👋🏾 No problems my friend 🤝 we all suffer some times

You are to kind my friend

I'll send you a plane ticket lol 😄👍🏾

No it's cool bro 👍🏾

I'm glad you are happy with your name title

Thanks for being a active member of the star's community much appreciated my friend keep up the good work

 2 months ago 

I've had nowhere to put my original non-freewrite stories and poems on steem ever since the big to-do. It's lovely to have this community to post to, in addition to @freewriters. Both are friendly to newbies, and very kind. Thank you for making this community. I will try to delegate, but for some reason I have been unable to delegate at all for over a year now. I use the required keys, but still get an error message.

We should delegate to @hive-156383, not the stars community?

Hi 👋🏾 first of all I'd like to say thanks for posting in the star's community I really appreciate your posts and I'm sure all the other members do to

It's my pleasure I created this community for everyone a safe place a happy place a free place a friendly place

The best place to delegate would be steemworldorg

The star's community account is @hive-156383 I add all delegators to the upvote and when I have the time I go around and upvote all posts in the star's community

Thanks again for being a active member of the star's community 🤝

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day/night

 2 months ago 

I was again unable to delegate. I get a message about parsing or something. This has happened many times before.

Ok no worries you could always follow the community accounts upvote if you want 👍🏾

Do you ever use ecosynthesizer or steemworld websites. I wouldn't be able to buy steem with sbd, Power Up Steem, delegate, even collect rewards 85% of the time, and more, if it weren't for those two sites.

 2 months ago 

That does not seem right. Are you using the correct key to log in? I think it's the posting key you need but am not sure. I don't have to use any of those other tools to power up, convert or transfer, but maybe they could help me out with my delegating problem. Been a while since I used steemworld for anything.

Yeah I personally have ❤ fir steemworld and am getting by

 2 months ago 

do you know how to change a password? I got a notice that I better do it now.

Can't say that I do

 2 months ago 

the form will help to do that job for you.

 2 months ago 

Sure my friend I can check this out. Seems like a community that is set to moon as Steem is. I'll tag you once I join. Meanwhile take care and stay safe.

Thanks I hope that you will start posting soon thanks my friend 🤝 stay safe to my friend I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day/night

 2 months ago 

Holiwirissssssssss, me gusta mucho esta comunidad porque acepta todo tipo de contenido 😊 muy pronto publicaré un post, solo estoy arreglado alguna cosas 😘😘 saludos 👋, besos 😘😘😘😘 y abrazos a todo los integrantes de esta linda comunidad 😊😘

Thanks for taking part good luck 🤞🏾

 last month 

Thank you, for creating the Stars community. @kgekakillerg

No problem 👍🏾

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