Amaryllis, or How to Beat the Blustery Blues

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I wish I had many more pictures than these for you, but the light was just right in my kitchen this morning, so I snapped a few pix of my glorious pick-me-up amaryllis, then wrote this post. Hopefully, even with only these two shots, you'll get the idea of just how effective a treatment this plant is for the winter doldrums, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the down-in-the-dumps moments that come upon nearly all of us every winter.

Amaryllis bulbs are easily available anywhere you buy gardening supplies starting in early October and until well after Christmas. The best ones sell out early though!!! They make great inexpensive gifts.


One bulb sends up a two foot stalk of four spectacular trumpets, each trumpet a full six inches across. Just when that stalk begins to wither, there is a second stalk ready to burst into glory and lift your spirits for another two weeks.


I splurged and bought a set of three top quality bulbs this year. They are in three different rooms, and every time I enter any of those rooms, I spy one of these babies, and I smile. Smiling Matters!

Amaryllis bulbs can easily be stored and brought to life year after year. Here's a nifty guide with everything you need to know.

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images are mine


o @owasco you know I am a true sucker for flowers! Thank you for sharing this post.

It's part of my ongoing plan to furnish my apartment with fresh-cut flowers. I think it really does improve quality of life. Due to my seemingly-unending (and perchance-self-imposed) misfortune, I can't even afford to keep food, coffee tea and tobacco on my table as of now. Thus, as of now my floral dreams are out of the question.

Settings of tulips or daisies are what I go for the most. That being said, those amaryllis bulbs are divine! I'm so glad you have them nearby, to brighten your days.

Might I add...
It's great to see another true star (like @kgakakillerg is) has gravitated into the Stars community......

hopefully more in the days to come.........

#happy #flowers bringing #beauty to #sad cold #winter days becuz #smilesmatter

o for #joy

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You just can't stop creating can you? It's always a pleasure to have you stop by.

Do you want me to stop? Lol

If you are willing to waste a Wish on wishing me to stop creating, then I am willing to grant you that Wish. But only for one more day, okay?

But you have to say it...

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I wish for no such thing!

Oh dear me, that's good!

What do you wish for?

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more time to create

Thanks for posting in the star's community much appreciated beautiful photos thanks for sharing here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

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