How To Save A Life

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Sheila Jordan people. Ninety two years old. This woman knows where her fuel comes from, knows what nourishes her, and, in nourishing herself, she nourishes us.

I have been blessed with a tiny music club that refused to close its doors for very long. It has been bringing live music to its itty bitty part of the world, despite. The houses are downright wee. The atmospheres are downright mighty.

If you have not gone out to hear live music, I urge you to do so immediately. The benefits FAR outweigh any risks. Music being made now is extraordinary, transcendental. Heart powering. Life saving. Music awakens your self-healing abilities. Go.

I am one of the lucky humans who does not fear the breath of my fellow humans. Sheila Jordan is another. She is still living her passions, full out.

I was there when Sheila Jordan transformed a small basement into a vessel of love.

All things are now possible.



In the name of expending my worthless votes on truly inspired content, I say yes.

To the spirit of possibility that thrives in all things I say, thank you so much.

 2 months ago 

Thank you! I wanted to say so much about this, and spent hours trying to do so. Turned out that few words did the job much more effectively than many.

You might be surprised to hear that I too like a little jazz once in a while. From the names I'll give you you can tell I never went too deep, but I am a fan most especially of Clifford Brown, and John Coltrane. Miles Davis is right up there for me. Dizzy, the Yardbird, and the Monk are also notable in my book.

You might also be surprised that although I've seen a variety of live concerts -- from Metallica to Tool to Xiu Xiu to Weird Al Yankovich to Little Richard to many times over the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra when it was being conducted by Osmo Vanska and most especially the times they broke out in Mahlerian Symphony -- I avoid Live Music whenever possible, inexplicably to me why but I have a distaste for it, and always prefer Recorded Music.

Also, I'm not sure if you still check in on me like before, but if you do you will notice that I was making some live music meself this morning though it now will forever be recorded music. Also in attempt to make things better with @amazona06 in case I may have offended her yesterday.

Glad to know you and I are still on good terms, my dear friend. I was feeling a lil cray-cray yesterday, but after a good night's rest am much more normalized.

Any big plans for this weekend?

I'm on a lunch-break now, but by 530 pm CST I'll be free until Sunday.


 2 months ago 

I only like live music. In small venues. I never cared much about music at all until I learned that about myself. I want to be within 50 feet of the musicians. Nothing short of that floats my boat.

Yeh and the more I think about it the small venue thing would prolly serve me also. I think it is the usual VOLUME of live music that turns me off to it.

 2 months ago 

I don't feel safe in crowds, so I only went to one of the big concerts. hated every minutes. Carnegie hall puts me to sleep. Opera too. Out like a light.

My grandpa played a lil fiddle in his day, and I once asked him: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"

He said: "Practice."

It is needless to say I haven't been there yet.

oh no, I was not offended at all!! I did not see the message until a few moments ago! I tend to answer with some delay - sorry :$

Ditto that - even the part about "worthless" upvotes (what, 3 cents? is mine even that high, today?).
And the spirit - the thriving - yes, thank you for this reminder, Stacey, in a time when the world seems frozen, and we fell locked down and isolated.

Such a excellent post really enjoyed it as i really enjoy listening to live music and also creating music and performing live music thanks for sharing 👍🏾 @tipu curate

 2 months ago 

Thank you! And for the tip of course. I hope you have access to live music.

No problems me and the family watched some live music a few months ago in a park close to where we live it was great

Thanks for being active in the star's community much appreciated 🤝

 2 months ago 

My pleasure. I am very happy to have another active community to put my stuff in! So thank you for creating one.

Thanks again 👍🏾 hopefully this community will become even more active soon 🚀

Hi again, and sorry I couldn't wait to tell you:

Amazona06 and I have had a coupla back-and-forths in the recent hours and not only is she not offended but she is very flattered and also likes my singing!

On the other hand, she is already wed.

Nevertheless I am still welcome to dedicate songs to her

 2 months ago 

You attract, and are attracted to, people with good hearts and fearless souls.

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