How To Simplify Your Life In Three Easy Steps

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There are plenty of books you could buy to help you declutter your home. There are also plenty of people who would love to charge you the big bucks to come to your home and tell you how to declutter your home.

There's also me, and my three easy steps to culling your lifetime's material acquisitions. I have managed to clean out my basement (which is HUGE), my attic, my shed, three closets, several dressers and two bedrooms using this method, and all by myself. Have I mentioned I am but a little old lady? If I can do it, you can do it.

The First Step

Throw Away One Thing, or place it in a box for donations, every single day. Continue this practice forever.

This thing can be as small as a pencil with a worn eraser. Fairly often, when you go to choose that item from a drawer, you end up cleaning out the whole drawer.

The Second Step

Once you've thrown away or donated a few boatloads of small things, Start Selling Stuff.

I spent my life in the restaurant business. People regularly tell me to open another food store, or a B&B, or a coffee shop, and my response used to always be the same: "My selling days are over."

I turned out to be wrong.

I set up a Stuff Store in my garage, a kind of glorified garage sale. I advertised larger items on neighborhood marketplaces. When folks came to get their one item, they found themselves in a cute little store. I'd say "Welcome to my store. Everything on that shelf is one dollar or less. Everything on this shelf is five dollars or less. If you are interested in any of the other items in this garage, let's talk." I sold clothes! I sold jewelry! I sold chocolate molds! I sold paintings! I sold ceramics, tables, shelving units! I sold lamps! I sold garage springs!

And the best part - it was super fun. I loved setting it up, rearranging it whenever something sold, telling stories of the items to my buyers. I loved guessing what my buyer might also be interested in, and placing those items near the one they were coming for. My store functioned as a social life during covid. When my stock got low, I came into my house, looked around, and exclaimed "I can sell that!" People left with big old smiles on their faces, and I had one on too.


The Third Step

Once you've gotten rid of many boatloads of stuff, Do One Unnecessary Thing A Day.

This can be to put that CD that has been on your bedside table with the rest of the CDs. It can be to finally darn the sweater, or break down the boxes, or put a collar on a cat. Like throwing stuff away, it can be very small, but it must be one thing. Chances are good you will often not stop with that one thing. An hour later you will have sorted through all your sheet music, and texted your sister to see if she wants the classical violin duets you two used to play together.


I could go into specifics, such as how to throw away photographs (notice you had forgotten that moment and realize you don't need to remember it), or what to do with children's art (use it as packing material - you get to both keep it AND throw it away!), or decide what to keep (only what you are actually using, not what you might use someday), but I'll leave all that for another post. Maybe. Maybe you've got the idea and will figure those things out for yourselves.

I hope this inspires some of you to reduce, recycle, donate and otherwise improve on your own quality of life. There would be much less to dust (not that I do that very often), fewer places to lose your keys or phone (OK that might still happen), and a huge mental load gone for good.

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images are mine of my Stuff Store


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Oh that's very sweet! Thank you!

No problems it's my pleasure 🤝

Hi know, for a little old lady you certainly are young in least that's what I get from the way you write.

I am heartened to see you post in the Stars community -- founded by artist extraordinaire KG the Killer G. It looks like he has given you a warm welcome too.

It's a funny thing -- when I first started interacting with @kgakakillerg, I thought he was a woman. I might have even lol hit on him a little bit....nothing extreme and to be honest I can't even remember all that clearly if I said anything to that nature, but....I'm glad we got that confusion cleared up before it got overly awkward.

Anyway, I know we're prolly not supposed to use the comment section to chat-.. but really, how is your day going?

I was saddened when I didn't see any comments from you this day, but it's only fair that I reach out too.

P.S. I really like your post -- the message and the pictures. It looks like your walls are made of particle-board. Okay, it doesn't look that cheap, but it is a different look. I like your style.

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It's my GARAGE, not my house. lol. It's made up to look like a home so that people envision my stuff in THEIR homes. It worked like a charm. One woman loaded up her trunk. A few did their Xmas shopping. I got rid of a LOT of stuff. And all I had to do was stand there while they carried it off my property and out of my life.

I saw your favorite poem posted earlier, but wanted to wait for some unhurried time to read it. You'll get your comment then. I guess you're getting one now too, but I won't get back to your poem for another couple hours. I love the idea. I will post one or two as well. They've already been posted on steem, so I'll have to include links to the poems in a post of its own.

I had an idea today of a series: "Little Old Lady Superpowers". The first could be "Outsmarting Snow" the second "Using the laws of physics" that sort of thing. What do you think? Will those posts make me more than a dime for two hours of work each?

Yes clogging up the blockchain with chit chat is also frowned upon, that's what discord is for. I do it anyway. That's one of little old ladies' superpowers too - we are invisible.

I've always been little, but am only recently considered old by all official reckonings. I'm allowed cash in my IRAs without penalties (man are retirement accounts a racket), I get senior discounts even in pot shops, and getting health insurance for $130 a month does not suck. So pity not the old people, there are many advantages to being old geezers.

Haha you're prolly only 55, which is not old at all and certainly not geezer status. But would still qualify you for all the benefits.

Well, who knows? You could be 95 for all I know. And I'm certainly not going to ask.

I do know we'd make an interesting juxtaposition taking a leisurely stroll through the countryside together. You've always been little; I haven't been little since I was a kid. At this point I'm 6'3" 235lbs. Approx. measurements naturally.

Your garage looks as comfy as (certainly cleaner than) my apartment! I'm waiting to see about this palnet market to sell some stuff, hopefully some of my old paperbacks.

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I wish you luck there my friend. One thing I could not sell were books. Art books sold and got some hefty prices, but nothing else. I gave them away.

I did spend time cleaning my store. I swept while I waited for customers to come, or rearranged stuff. It was a very pleasant place for me to hang out. I sang. Somedays I put out a garage sale sign. I kind of miss it but the snow impedes entry, so my store is closed for the season.

I once had end tables similar to the two you have in the first photo, with lamps attached :>) they got given away to a needy family member, many years ago.

Your article was enjoyable because, in part, it reminded me of wanting to unclutter my living space. Every time I've begun doing so in the past, as I got rid of one thing... two other things would come into my hands?!?!?!?!? I'm a magnet for junk.

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I'm a magnet for expensive items that last and last. My husband, now deceased, was a magnet for really cool vintage and antique items. His father was a magnet for junk. My house was full of stuff of all kinds, especially photographs. I sat in front of the TV at night for a solid month sorting through loose photographs and throwing them away by the thousand. Now I have to go through the nearly 100 albums I have. Slow but steady is the name of the game.