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trapped in the clear blue empty sky
farsighted, hot-headed

love quickens

love compels me
to dive
to pierce
to kill




no haggard
but caught, valiant
in an unseen snare
and no bloody end

jessed instead
hooded instead



a day old chick
is offered me
I, still wild
tethered to your wrist and hungry

we wait while you wake me



wings and wine and wild things
disturb my afternoon nap

genuine, unkind wild things
shift their weight
then linger
the brutes

I rise to greet them
a conquistador vanquished
a lover lost

my stomach growling
I rise


free will

A sniper’s bullet
is guided by a perfect aim
as it closes in on a life,
just as I near those many lives
I will quell

I was once cold, tired, wet
and always hungry
very hungry.
My brains were in my eyes,
my eyes were my trigger,
and I was free

These days I am pampered in a prison

I could choose to keep flying,
to never return,
to fly at will again

But I don’t

Perched on the edge of new understanding,
I now kill on command
then wait for meat to be placed at my feet

My drive has been redirected,
not diminished

My life has been altered,
not made worse

I am but the bullet,
no longer the sniper

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I wrote the first four poems ten years ago when I was considering taking up falconry. I did quite a bit of research to write them. Falconry turned out to be too much work for me (holy cow is it a lot of work!) and I got chickens instead, but I am still fascinated by the art.

Recently I decided to finally finish this cycle of poems, and, after a lot more research, produced free will. Although all of these have appeared on Steem before, this is the first time they all appear in the same post, so I hope this is not considered to be a forbidden repost.

Thank you so much to anyone who reads them.

Here are the links to the previous posts:

Free Will


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Falconry, too much work, so you took up chickens instead - #love it! And #LOVE love love these poems.

wings and wine and wild things
disturb my afternoon nap


I applaud uniting all the "previously published" poems in one post. Over time, a pattern emerges, and why not do like a shepherd and herd these poems together into one corral?

 2 months ago 

@carolkean as I live and breathe here you are!

 2 months ago 

I like those two lines an awful lot. Thanks for noticing them. I remember that that particular poem was the most difficult of all of them to write.

I must first ask, before I will first take,
fair owasco:

may I have this dance?
"dost thou lie so low?"
with you, only anywhere will do dearly


Osprey, o only in flight
can I read your Name
in the upward lilt
of your outspread wing,
o Osprey.

As you sit perched there
o Osprey, a bleeding dread stain --
upon the air between us, o Osprey
in your eye all I can name there
yes Osprey

is death, is life,
is the thing.

sincerely miss you, in hopes that someday whenever..... and about being on the same page...

 2 months ago 

Love your poem! Especially the first stanza.

This is one of my all time favorite works. Definitely the one I put the most effort into, and it was years in the making.
Thanks for reading and appreciating it!

Thank you so much. I'm really happy to hear from you again.

If you ever have the time, desire, and inspiration.....

I would love an 11th at the end of mine, and from anyone but no one more than you.....

11 is my favorite number.


Also I am working on setting up some birthday festivities at Steem SEA for March 18 and it would mean almost everything to me if you will join me there March 18, specifically for some back-and-forth storytelling/poems.

Please do consider~

 2 months ago 

I will probably not be able to make it. Sorry. I can't really go anywhere because I am a caretaker. But thank you for the invite. Where is it?

I'm sorry if you can't make it.

Hopefully you just didn't catch my drift.

I'm having an Online Birthday -- at the community of Steem SEA

I'm planning to make 2 original posts for them March 18, and hopefully have some fun back-and-forth with their active members

I was hoping for one of those posts, we could do some back-and-forth storytelling/poems.....

That would be a great birthday memory

I understand if you will be occupied; certainly don't begrudge ya that.

 2 months ago 

lol. ok I can do that. Tag me


I'm starting to come up with ideas for the dirty logistics of it all, but we'll be in touch concerning all that as March 18 gets a little closer, okay?

I'll ping ye when the time comes! So looking forward to it!

 2 months ago 

I think it sounds fun, and if it will make you happy on your birthday, so much the better.

Weirdness is responsible for this. I'm sorry to both of our names.