The Well of Lost Souls

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A calciferous deposit rimes the smooth stones around the well of lost souls.


At the very bottom of the well a cocoon hangs suspended in the inky water.


The pupa squirms and twists in anticipation of release.


A blight spreads across the countryside, a shadow seeping out from the well.


Original Photography:


All images in this post are Steem exclusive and derived from the above photo of a flowstone deposit taken last week in a canyon above Springville, Utah.


Wow man, that’s unique!

thanks - I knew I was going to be able to make some crazy alien art as soon as I saw the bubbly flowstone, such cool shapes to work with.

All images in this post are Steem exclusive

Anyone can use these ?

well what I meant was I have only published them on Steem. But yeah I also have said in the past, any of my art or music can be used as long as you credit the source. If you want to use any of these images please feel free as long as you link my post. Cheers

That literally blew my mind. I've got curious to learn how it's done.

It is kind of a long process that I have been developing for a while, I generate multiple versions of the original photo by running it through with different style images, then I layer the new versions over the original photo at different opacities and blend modes in PhotoShop, then I save new copies of the original photo with the generated textures/colors over the top - I take these new copies and use them as a new base layer in the deepdream generator and keep iterating until I get to the vision I am looking for (layering the output back over the original photo each time to keep some of the texture and detail of the original as well). For this particular series I have 18 different versions of the photo layered in my PhotoShop document now :)

EDIT and I forgot to mention, this may be obvious but the first, third and fourth images in the post are mirrored. The first image is derived from the second image, I mirrored the second image four ways, rotated the resulting mirror 45 degrees and cropped out a section of the resulting rotated mirror, and mirrored the new crop 4 ways, then cropped out a section of that to get the post cover image.

Interesting, looks like it involves a lot of work and patience. Thank you for the explanation.

A mesmerizing trippy cathedral of life

I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Thanks Julia! I have some more alien art brewing currently that I will post in your alien art community :)

Your work is liberating! No expectations. No boundaries. See, and create. Wonderful

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