Testicle and background are not finished here!

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Testicle and background are not finished here!

I think I'll send the finished result tomorrow.

Swift chicks stick to the floor of the parent's head like a face-grabber) This is a custom work)

The egg is soft - it is warm and cozy there)

but there is slime 😄

They wrote me a cometary for this picture:

"I saw and swore, not understanding what was on the artery. About 15 seconds later it came, but I did not understand why I did not see the birds. And only when I was going to print the message I noticed the Alien egg, after which I was once again uncensored" surprised "at my blindness ...

PS In chicks it is not uncommon for a beak of bright yellow color or other bright color to stand out against the background of plumage. An additional stimulant and a target for parents, where to carry food "

funny comment, thank you) But the drawing is not finished at this stage) And what about the yellow beaks of the chicks of the age that they are no longer yellow in the drawing - I piled up a lot of photographs as refs) I looked specially)


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