Communities are BACK! Come join Steem Artstation!

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Alright, the beta is back open and we can all get hype and have fun again. For all you artists out there, come check out Steem Artstation here

In this video I explain what's actually happening when you post to a community right now. The short version is, on the main or other frontends, nothing. All the communities features are only relevant on the beta site. So posting into this community won't change any of the visual behavior on all of the live sites. So what are you waiting for? Draw something and get to posting! Also follow the community to stay up on the art happenings here on Steem.


I’m being lazy and not really diving into the beta... but I’m hyped to see all this go live!

Join the party man! It's lonely in there >_<

After patiently waiting a few days for Beta to be open is my first publication on #steemartstation 😊

rt01lr.pngPosted from @esteeemapp front end, sounds like it worked properly ^_^

Awesome! Thanks for posting in #steemartstation @barbera-orenya!

It's very cool to see Communities finally becoming a reality... seems like the promise of communities has been around almost as long as this place has been alive...


Exactly, it's like "It's happening! It's really happening!" Haha

When I get around to producing something that I would put in here, well I still have no idea how I would use this particular one :S

Just post, lol. Don't overthink it :)

That's like saying don't breathe ^_^;

Seriously though when I was thinking about it I managed to wonder what would the point of the actual blogs be if everything could just be shuffled off to communities. I mean in my highly specific case I would keep the progblogs on my blog and post all the finished stuff into the community but I kind of want the finished stuff on my blog too so dilemma.

I have issues x_x LoL XD

I'm sure I'll get over it once the profiles are revamped to go with communities etc :) (which I'm very optimistically assuming is a thing that's happening)

I think you're misunderstanding how they work. You can easily post to the community and your blog. It doesn't double post. You just have control over what shows up where.
So for example if you wanted to do all your WIP stuff on your blog but not in a Community you could, then when you have something to post into a community, you'd just post it to the community and resteem to your blog. I think the word "resteem" might be tripping you up. In this case resteem just means "show here too".
This makes it to where you'll have a lot more flexibility about what you post. Some communities might just be about asking for help for some software, but you wouldn't want something like that to show up on your blog, so now you have a choice. There's only more functionality.

The way I see it your blog is like your house and communities are like a bar/pub. On my blog you'll get to see all the crap I'm into. My random Steem posts, art, maybe even some gaming once this all gets rolling, but you go to an art community because you want to see art. Not necessarily just my art, just art in general. Or whatever floats your boat, maybe memes. You get the idea.

I know how resteems work, not worried about double-posting, it's literally just I don't upvote my own stuff so I wouldn't resteem it, like I said completely a me problem XD

I'll figure something out or I won't, either way :)

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