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RE: OPEN STEEM Blitz Chess960 Tournament March 28 ... The winner is @stayoutoftherz and New Chess King is @renerondon (video commentary by @schamangerbert)

I was in the tournament almost whole time (I came 20:03 GMT) and I found only 4 matches yesterday while stayoutoftherz has 10 and rodrook has 9.

I dont understand exactly what is that hive, I see some tags in the left but it is still on Steemit. Is it like subculture in that platform?


Pairings with less than 10 or 15 players are not perfect. Be sure to go back to the tournament after a game and do not go on pause. Also resign in lost positions to get more games.
Hive is a fork from Steemit, a copy.

It means nothing that on Hive "earnings" are higher. We dont know how this hive's crypto will survive during the time.

Just use both of them and take what you can :)
(hive has the same keys as steemit)

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