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Hi Friends! You are welcome to Steem-VirtualStore Community.


We thank all members and Curators for the great support you have given to us. We deemed it a great privilege to discuss the next form or transition we would want to drive our Community. We believe this is common thing most of Communities are doing and it's helping them to grow. Our motive is to promote Steem Virtual Store to the next level of development.

Hence, we have planned to focus on Regular powering up of our Account & Delegation of power to our account. It is something we have began. Checking from our Community Account, all resources from our account are used to power up. We see this as great step to increase our community power. To enable us get more resources, we have been embarked on a lot of projects like going out to link Businesses/ traders or investors. Organizing contests of trading and showcase of using Steem for purchases as our main objective is to accept Steem for exchanges like BTC and Eth.

The Delegation campaign is ongoing for members to support build Steem VirtualStore Community. Thanks to @alhajibabajnr who just Delegated 200SP to support build Steem VirtualStore Community. We encourage all members to support the Delegation pool so that we can reached out to more member with upvotes. In case you wish to delegate, this is the quick link to follow:

50 SP|100 SP|200 SP|300 SP|400 SP|500 SP|600 SP|700 SP|800 SP|900 SP|1000 SP|1500 SP|2000 SP|2500 SP|3000 SP|3500 SP|4000 SP|4500 SP|[5000 SP

We have now reached 2,700SP + and we wish to hit 3,000SP + by the end of the the week.


We are seeking promoters from various Countries to take to role of promoting Steem VirtualStore in their respective Countries. Please if you with to be a promoter. Please follow the announcement from this link.

This post was compiled by @oppongk, CR for Ghana.


Steem virtual store is imminent for growth.