Bigfoot sighting on the Rideau River Canada

in Canadalast month (edited)

We were out for a walk on the river last night, it’s still frozen over.

Lola started barking at something. I thought for sure it was a coyote as it was getting late in the evening and the sun was starting to set.

I tried to take some photos but it was too dark. When we got back to the cabin I tried to develop my roll of film but there was not much to see.

I did a painting from memory and here it is.... what do you think ?

Is it a Bigfoot ?

I thought the Bigfoot only existed in British Columbia. There he is called The Sasquatch. We will go back tonight and maybe camp out and see if we can catch a better glimpse of this mysterious creature.

Stay tuned for more. I will also make a movie and upload to my YouTube Channel.


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