SPECIAL SONG ♥ - HORIZON - Beat to Relax 🎧 🎶 - Chill Hip Hop - Produced by @lyon89

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Creation date : 29 - 08 - 2020

Genre : Hip Hop (Chill)

Produced in FL STUDIO 20



This is one of those songs that carry a lot of feeling, the arrangements or background voices that you hear, like the whistles, are part of small vocalizations that I execute to complement this work, I had not recorded my voice for a while and this time I wanted to try it , giving it the touch of serenity and nostalgia that this musical theme needed, I hope you enjoy it, a work done with a lot of love to share it with all of you.


Este es uno de esos temas que llevan mucho sentimiento, los arreglos o voces de fondo que escuchas, al igual que los silbidos, son parte de pequeñas vocalizaciones que ejecute para complementar este trabajo, tenia tiempo que no grababa mi voz y esta vez quise intentarlo, dándole el toque de serenidad y nostalgia que necesitaba este tema musical, espero que lo disfrutes, un trabajo hecho con mucho amor para compartirlo con todos ustedes.




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