A new arrival in Tabletop Town.

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Good day, Steemit.

Last night, Tabletop Town had a new arrival
The Old Man of the Sea showed up and made residence on the great lamp.
The Old Man was happy to hang out with the Dolomite Lion.
I am not privy to the stories they shared, but I'm sure they were fantastic


There to witness the arrival was a Swedish Taper candle (Waxmandhu) with some of its final flames.


Of course, Collie and Flo were keeping an eye on things.


Flo even did a little crystal gazing in the citrine obelisk. (Plamen)


At the end of the night, the Old Man of the Sea really wanted to dance.
Waxmandhu donated some wax, and the Old Man's dreams came true.




That is all for now.
May blessings find you...


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