Full Moon with Tealc and the orb.


Happy Full Moon Steemit!

I've spent the last 3 days watching videos learning to use the camera that @kommienezuspadt was kind enough to loan me.
I'm having so much fun with my statue family:D

Tonight, Tealc showed up for a visit with the orb.

He's so excited!

The orb is a quartz crystal sphere with the tiniest band of smokey quartz in it.
It truly looks like a puff of smoke, and is not noticeable most of the time .

It's present at all of my tarot readings, and has been for 4 years or so.

Tealc was quite excited to look through it...


and to sing through it!


The Old Man from the Sea was beside himself with joy at the power of the full moon!


I will have to use some of tonight's full moon to recharge me after the lost hour of sleep over the weekend.

I hope the day treats you well, and may blessings find you.

 2 years ago 

Happy full moon, I can't see it 🌚😭

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