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When I started in crypto currency. When I talked to some friends about it. And they informed me. I started around 2017. I have been 3 years today. In which I came to know about cryptocurrency.

My friend Piyush had told. It is a digital currency. It only appears online. You can't take it in hand. A lot of currency also became prevalent in India. But some currency is banned. It is only on rupee, dollar, europe, euro etc. which government rules apply. Other currencies are worldwide.

I thought of buying some crypto currency. But we need a wallet to buy. So I made a lot of wallets. Who used to work in their own separate posture. For example, poloniex.com, blocktrades.us, wallet.bitshares.org etc. Some India have also made purses. For example wazirx.com, unocoin.com in which crypto currency could be purchased. Can sell more.

After about one to two months, I came to know that there is a Steem coin. Whose market is good growth. The price of which is increasing rapidly. So I thought of buying steam. Then I came to know of a site which is Steemit.com. In which you can keep your currency safe. I had no experience at that time. Everything seemed new. Then I thought about making my friends. I met some friends, they have told me. That you can increase your steem coin on it.

Some wallets have troubled me a lot. But I am still doing my job better. One wallet has a loss of about $ 714. This valet is cryptopia.co.nz. Which is still closed. Which has updated some data on 18 September 2020. I look forward to its opening.

The currency has become one of the most popular currencies. This bitcoin became the most famous. is. I also thought about buying some bitcoins. But for this also we need a wallet. At that time the value of Bitcoin was about $ 1400. I bought a bitcoin for about $ 520. I benefited a lot from it. But there was some time ban in India. In which you can neither buy nor sell.

Then the crypto currency currency started increasing. There was talk of crypto currency everywhere. But I had a different experience. We learn over time. Nowadays you can exchange all currency with bitcoins. Nowadays many currencies have come in crypts. You can see. That some currency had started its mining. Which is known as cryptotab. She does her own mining. They get to see a boom every day.


Some people do not yet have knowledge of currency. He only knows a few currencies. Such as rupees, dollars, euros etc., because they are used more and more. But nowadays we are explaining them. That it is an electronics payment system. Everything is online There are both advantages and disadvantages in these currencies, but some people have questions. That this currency is illegal But you know Who are considered illegal They depend on the decision of the people. It is legalized in some countries. Some countries banned it. They don't want That these currencies come to our country.

I hope you got some information about cryptocurrency. I have shared my article on other social sites.

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