So How is This Steem — TRON Wallet and Rewards Integration Supposed to Work?

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I have seen a couple of posts talking — in a slightly circumspect sort of way — about the next possible step in the development of the community: Some kind of integration that's evidently going to allow users/content creators to receive rewards both as Steem and TRON.


It's a little unclear to me how this is going to functionally work; there was a post by @spidemen a few days ago that explained a bit.

So far, though, it doesn't seem like there has been any sort of formal announcement about the when and how of this development.

It appears that we have to have TRON accounts in order for it to work. Which leaves me needing to research how/if having a TRON account also means you automatically have a TRON wallet? Or are they two completely separate beasts?

As a long time user and content creator on Steemit (the venue) I do find myself wondering whether this latest development is going to mean the eventual END of Steem (which would be a shame!) or just that the chains will become more connected and run side-by-side?

What's the outlook? (image is my own)

I've since read posts by @stef1 and @shortsegments without really feeling like I have a better understanding of how the integration will actually WORK.

I suppose only time will tell... and maybe there will be a formal announcement on the @steemitblog soon.

Not meaning to be too much of a skeptic here, but "lack of communication" was always one of the biggest issues with "old" Steem...

What do YOU think this is going to mean for the community? Do YOU understand how this new system will work? As always, comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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Thanks @denmarkguy for join and start posting in LAKSHMI community. You nicely covered the topic. Keep posting, enjoy and support our community members.

Thank you @mehta, for your nice comment. I felt it was a good time to explore some communities I have not posted to before, and this is a topic that surely is of concern to everyone.

A good week to you!

It's nice to know someone else is confused. I have no idea what this all means. I don't want to!!! Can't I just remain a little old lady who posts on steem, and not have to keep up with the latest "improvements"? I don't have whole days to research this or that, and tend to follow whatever folks like you suggest that I do.

It’s my understanding that we will be able to store Tron TRX in our wallet and we will earn Tron as awards along with Steem!

I am excited by what is clearly free money and a great method of making it easy to invest in both chains via liquidity pools, so we earn transaction fees while waiting for our coins to appreciate in value!

Incidentally we just got a Steem-Tron trading pair on JustSwap 3 days ago and the liquidity pool value is already over 50,000 dollars USD !
If we could get our Community behind this project it could really pump the price making all rewards here more valuable and bring more new members to the platform.

Here’s my tweet and a link:
This could really move the price of Steem and bring us a lot of attention. Please review and promote.
Thank you!


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