Finally, I made it to the Blurt Trending Page

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Although I feel proud about it, the purpose of this post is to reiterate an interesting case of post curation in the Blurt network. Let me expand...

About 2 months ago, I made a post entitled "If posting in Blurt is a business then I'm operating at a loss" and at that time I was disappointed with how content curation is going in Blurt. It was pretty messy at the beginning of Blurt, at least in my case. Maybe I was just complaining about the lack of upvotes I get during that time.

So, what's the situation now?

It's definitely going in the right direction since rewards distribution is spreading much better now. It was made possible with the initiation of a bunch of #blurtinitiatives like #blurtulogs #blurtlife #blurtrides #blurtech just to name a few. These initiatives are actively curating for posts that are able to comply with the requirements of the initiatives. This is the kind of direction that will spread Blurt stakes to the community.

If you work hard enough on your content then you can definitely raise your Blurt status from minnow to dolphin is less time.

Like I always mentioned in my previous posts, we are at the Accumulation Stage. And at this stage, the Blurt tokens in exchanges are being dumped at a much cheaper price which makes it easier to buy, scoop and bulk up before the ultimate rally began.

In case you're unable to buy them directly from exchanges, you may simply create contents that will attract the curator's attention.

Aside from the #blurtinitiative curators, there are also independent curators like @sct.blurt who's responsible for putting me to one of the top spots on the Trending page.

As far as I know, it's a community account formed by the SCT(Kr) Community, and the cool thing about their curation style is that they scout the network and upvote for non-members as well.

This kind of outward curation is definitely changing the mindset that we had back in Steem/Hive. It is sending a positive vibe among the Blurtters that it's better to curate for others also. Since the main selling point of Blurt is content creation and discovery many have opened their minds that it's the best practice that everyone should follow.

It's such an exciting moment for me. And I hope you have yours too in a not so distant future.


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