How to transfer SBD from Bittrex to Coincase in India

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I want to know that how to transfer SBD ( Steem Dollars) from Bittrex to Coinbase in India. I have facing some problem.

Suppose I have 1.00 SBD ( Steem Dollars) in Bittrex and I want to transfer this 1 SBD ( Steem Dollars) to Coinbase.

  1. I have click the withdraw button in Bittrex

  2. After click in withdraw below window as come


Now my question is what should be the memo to help rouge your withdrawal ( into the first box).

Now comes in to my coinbase account:

When I click on sent / receive button a new will come

coinbase receive.JPG

in receive window I found asset only bitcoin. I do not find any SBD ( Steem Dollar) in asset button


Now my question is if I copy the address of bitcoin ( into coinbase) and paste it to bittrex and transfer it. then is it works? I am very consused... Can any body help me....?

Need your valuable suggestion.


You can not use any blockchain wallet address to other blockchain. Else your fund will lost.
So you can not send SBD to coinbase wallet, until coinbase provide facility of deposite to SBD.

Than how can I convert SBD to Inr. Need your help.

How much SBD you want to convert?

First send SBD to exchange their it was listed like bittrex.

  1. Check with indian exchange those accept currencies like TRX, USDT etc. These currencies have less withdrawal charges. I know that Wazirx accept TRX and USDT.
  2. Then according to selected currencies, convert your SBD into TRX/USDT in bittrex.
  3. Now send converted currency to indian exchange with proper method (instruction of wallet address and memo).
  4. Now received currency convert in indian ruppes.
  5. Now put withdrawal request and get in your bank account OR tread with P2P to get rs in account.

I want to convert 12 sbd.

It is small amount because every withdrawal and treading has charges. So take care those charges before do anything.