I have Shoot The Fisherman's Life

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The fisherman collected the fish from the deep of the sea . They worked very hard. After collect they sell the fish in to the local market. This is their daily work. Some time they are stayed in to the boat for 7 to 15 days. And this is a very difficult job.


Boat they have used for fishing.


They are preparing to go with their friends, coworker and family members.


Some time they stayed many days in to the deep of the sea with big boat.


They are collected the fish and get them together.


Fisher man are collected the fish into big baskets


The place where they collected the fish in called Macher Arot.


Outside of Macher Arot ( The Fish House )


Few fishes are dried under the sun light. It is called Sutki Mach ( Dried Fish). It is a big market around the world. The Dried Fish.


Preparing Dried Fish under the sun light.

This is the normal daily life style of a fisherman.

Now the Captured Device : Fuji Digital Camera
Place: Sankar Pur, Midnapur, West Bengal, India.
Taken by @impressions
All the photographs are genuine.

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