Community Report May 09, 2021 : LAKSHMI

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Community Report May 09, 2021 : LAKSHMI

Last 24 Hours Activities in LAKSHMI

New posts publish : 23
Total Active posters : 21
Total post upvoted by Admin : 21
New member joined : 7

@valdirrama @amir9988 @hoesaid @evangaby @amritraj @midiagam @siddharthruhil

LAKSHMI - Growing Community - Join for Wealth and Happiness

Now we have total 1348 members in LAKSHMI community with $365 pending rewards and 78 active posters. So become a part of this growing community and make your future bright and secure. Our moto is "Wealth and Happiness for All".


I Request to community members that not post only a PIC in post. Write something about it, so that other steemians understand the post and you will get more upoves. The things you can mention in only pic post like…

Why you click this? What camera you use? What is the purpose to click this pic? What you want to show other steemians by this pic? Any other background details you can write about posting a particular pic.

Hope you understand the things and act accordingly. We are watching and will mention the name of only general pic poster here after few more same type of posts. If they will not change the pattern of posting after mentioning members name here, We will sorry to say that we will stop voting those members.

The steemians ID of LAKSHMI community poster with only PIC

  1. @kapil55555 @kaali @prabhatchugh @arnav-ray
  2. @ustazkarim


For now onward all LAKSHMI community members, who post in community will get 20% vote of my voting power irrespective of new or old members. We are providing support to each active poster by one vote per member per day. Other conditions are same as mentioned in community rules.

Details about how to join community LAKSHMI is here in post

Join Discord server LAKSHMI here

Note : Please check the LAKSHMI community members post and give your feedback with comment in that post, if you like then give a upvote to support each other. This will much better and encourage members with #steemit. So what are you waiting, start now...

Community for Wealth and Happiness

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We all love Steem


Thank you for the information, I will follow the rules of the community, hopefully I can grow in the LAKSHMI community

Yes, sure. @hoesaid thanks.

Thanks sir plz help me how I am succeed on steemit platform plz help me.

Join good communities, participate in many contest, power up steem, write good post, make as many as relations.

We are increasing. Good news.

@impressions yes. Please do not mention me in your regular posts. If anything important then only mention me.

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