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After working with Jagat Rangpur in the past, we will finish our work today and after finishing our work, we will leave for Bogra, so we are working today with great joy.


Today we have four shops in Kader and we have to complete the signboards of four shops. After completing the signboards of these four shops, we will finish our work in Rangpur. After talking to the boss, we will leave for Bogra.


Due to my family problems I am called every day and asked to go to Bogra but can't go because of work. My friends are all enjoying going to Bogra and I am also enjoying Rangpur and I will start working in Rangpur again in three or four days and come back to Rangpur again.


Seven Up Company is very happy to see our work without Rangpur and says our congratulations and thanks me.

This was my diary for today. Tomorrow my new diary will appear among you again. Thank you all. Assalamu Alaikum.

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Thankyou for read my "chain of kindness" post, I read yours as well, so cool, nice to meet you.

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