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We know afraid something, that afraid/fear is a reaction of inner bodies to be careful, like thunderstorms, stranger our door or losing something. When fear and anxiety become a configuration in our lives, it brings a problem, when worried ness grounds, harm to our bodily and mind must find out how to evade. Overcome fear and anxiety.

The fear and anxiety hidden our subconscious mind, we must face it, when we felt fear at that time may sense arose like stomach clenches, body tightness, nervous, cannot concentration, subject to avoid this may involve meditation, worship to god, read some quality book, it helps us overcome.

By concentration we bring our mind how to act in critical situation, by imagination being in a crowded building, walking in busy airport, draw a picture in mind as positive thoughts, the motivation writer to explain inner mind makes imagining picture give beautiful benefit. The peace experience in our imagination it can actually help more peacefully.

When we affected by fear/anxiety at that time should take deep breathing because the deep breathing gives good support brought our mind calm, the short breaths cause a number of negative reactions so must take deep breath to reduce fear/anxiety. Practice these mindfulness tips during some severe fear and anxiety. Recognize, “symptoms arising” be seated and think about what is happening to us. See the symptoms just are seated and keep track raises your self-awareness, it helps positives peacefulness.

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Walk outside Natural Beauty Park, backyards, or wherever something green is budding does help reduce symptoms of fear and nervousness. Nature reducing stress, altering moods from anxious to relax. Bodily activity of walking or jogging clearer thinking that can help overcome the fear.