The Beauty Of Our Natural World In Winter

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Winter, like a caring mistress, has come to our forests. There is a small mound at the edge. A playful wind blew and blew off his white hat. Winter dressed the trees in heavy snow coats, pushed snow-white hats on their tops, did not even forget about the branches - put them on down mittens.

The mountain is especially beautiful in winter. This sight looks like a fairy tale. Huge giant trees, stand in white snow coats, fluffy branches are covered with armfuls of snow, in some places on the ground you can see animal tracks. The winter forest is beautiful! Most of all I love to walk in the winter forest on skis.

You will dress warmly, take skis, sticks and go straight to the forest. Light, slightly crunching snowflakes break under your feet, it seems that you are not walking along a snow-covered forest road, but sliding along soft fluffy light clouds.


I like to be in the forest in winter. All trees are covered with snow laces, and the tops of snow-covered trees are decorated with unusual garlands of cones. In winter, tiny birches adorn the glade in the forest. How good they are now, how comely! The blizzard has silvered the lush hair of the slender pine trees.

A deep winter sleep of the forest, but life glimmers under the snow, and in the forest glades, paths of animal tracks are visible: a fox, a hare, an elk. In winter, in impenetrable forests, bears sleep in their dens. In the thorny branches of the spruce, they build their houses - squirrel nests.


A winter walk in the forest is wonderful, but the best thing, in my opinion, is sledging and ice skating. An unforgettable feeling when you fly down the mountain on a sled, the wind blows slightly in your face, snowdrifts rush under you, a blue-blue clear sky above.

Nature is beautiful in winter: icy rivers, like a mirror, play in the sun, snow caps of trees sway playfully in the wind, light snowflakes fall spinning to the ground. I love winter, because this time reminds me of a fairy tale, fun, and I understand that miracles happen and winter is a direct proof of this.


When real winter reigns in the forest, behind a noisy and damp city, even those who consider this time of year too annoying and harsh are subject to its cold beauty. Indeed, it is in the wooded area that all the beauty of winter is revealed in its true meaning, striking the imagination with wonderful and amazing pictures.

How majestically beautiful in their proud immobility are the tall pines, whose paws bend to the ground under the weight of the snow. How magical and mysterious the icy bushes and tree branches seem to fram the dark trunks with a lace pattern.

How bright and unexpected a scarlet spot of a rowan bunch may suddenly seem against a snow-white sparkling background, how fascinating it is to observe the tracks of birds and animals on an untouched canvas of the purest snow.

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