Diary Game | Stormy Weather in My City | Photography of Pakistan.

Asalam-0-Alaikum My Dear Steemit Friends

I hope you all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah 💖 I am also fine today i will share with you the weather of yesterday was in my city Hyderabad, Yesterday there is very stormy weather in my city every where was dust and every whery was lightning Strike a dark lightning Strike which was not normal.

Weather of Hyderabad

So the above picture was click by me at the moment of lightning strike this was ver dark and heavy and i can not explain the sound which i was hear at that moment so today i can post a short paragraph and tell you about the weather ☁️ in my city i click more pictures to capture lightning strike but only in this picture i will capture it because i am not professional photographer but i try my best and try to become a best photographer and do the best photography thats why my mobile was ready at any time to click a photo.

So Finally there is the end of my post I hope you like it if you like so please do comment and tell me your suggestions for more better work.

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Beautiful weather and also nice Click @abdullahjan15