Desolate places

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Almost after two months i got a chance to visit my hostel and i saw only 5-6 persons were there while whole hostel was desolate looks like no one is living here from years.
All this is coz of corona pandemic. Before that there was no place to adjust any boy in hostel and full the rooms. A lot of voices to hear 24/7. But now its not less than a forest without birds.
Sad to see the condition hope previous situation will restore.
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I understand your feeling, here in India also the same situation, moreover some hostels here are closed one that a year, My daughter who is in final year now, she spent only 6 months in the hostel rest of her college life spent in our home. all the credit goes to Mr. corona hahaha...

haha thank u dear
But im not eager to go hostel i was just finding a story to post so i visit my hostel and i decided to post this story since its one of the active story of now a days.
living in hostel is not easy thing. May be u know it if u ever live in hostel
And thank u for your commenr

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